Airport Land Use Commission

The Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) was formed on May 19, 1981 and is the entity responsible for ensuring that land uses adjacent to public airports are compatible with airports. In Humboldt County the Board of Supervisors act in the capacity as the ALUC. Typically the ALUC meets on a as-needed basis during regular Board of Supervisor Meetings. The decisions made by the ALUC are guided by the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan.

The current Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) was prepared in 2021 and was adopted by the ALUC on 04/13/2021. The 2021 ALUCP replaces the 1993 ALUCP for all airports; except for Hoopa Airport which is still covered by the 1993 ALUCP.  Links to the ALUCPs are shown below.  More documentation on the 2021 ALUCP including the Initial Study and Negative Declaration can be found in the Document Center (under the Aviation => ALUC folder). 

Interactive Mapping Tools

Due to the scale of maps in the current and draft ALUCPs it may be difficult to ascertain how the ALUCPs affects various properties. To aid in interpreting how both the existing and draft ALUCPs affects property, an interactive web-based Geographic Information Systems tool was created. The following information can be viewed as layers within these interactive maps:

  • ALUCP Compatibility Zones (1993) superseded; except for Hoopa Airport
  • ALUCP Airport Noise Contours (2021)
  • ALUCP Compatibility Zones (2021)
  • ALUCP Airport Overflight Notification Area (2021)
  • ALUCP Airport Influence Area (2021) 
  • County Code 333 Airport Approach Zone Building Height Restrictions [14 CFR Part 77 surfaces]

Links to interactive maps for the airports are shown below. The interactive maps work best using the Chrome internet browser. The links will open a new window.  

Instructions: Within the interactive maps, click show contents of map iconfor a list of layers to turn on/off. Click show map legend iconfor the map legend.

California Redwood Coast - Humboldt County Airport    

Dinsmore Airport             

Garberville Airport          

Kneeland Airport             

Murray Field Airport       

Rohnerville Airport          

Samoa Field Airport                  

Shelter Cove Airport       

An alternative way to access the interactive maps is through the map shown below.  

Instructions: Within the interactive map, clicktoggle side panel iconfor a list of layers to turn on/off.