IHSS Advisory Committee


The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee is a citizen body comprised of 11 members who are appointed by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. The committee has a minimum of six consumers of IHSS or personal care services. The other five members may be caregivers, advocates for senior and disabled adults or interested community members. The Committee’s responsibility is to advise the Board of Supervisors, the Public Authority, the Department of Health & Human Services and other involved agencies about IHSS and to make recommendations to improve services.

Monthly Meetings

The IHSS Advisory Committee meets on the fourth Monday of each month. It is responsible for making publications to inform IHSS consumers about topics related to the program, recommending improvements to IHSS services and broadening training opportunities for consumers and providers. This is a public meeting, and anyone may attend.

IHSS Advisory Committee Notice of Meeting, Agenda and Minutes

Note: Due to COVID-19, all meetings will be held remotely until further notice. Requests for interpreting services or other considerations should be made through the IHSS Public Authority no later than five working days prior to the meeting.

How to Join

Do you have ideas about IHSS and how to make it a better program? Are you a recipient of IHSS or other personal care services? If so, get involved. Have your voice count.

Call 707-388-6338 to have an Advisory Committee application mailed to you.

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