Parenting in Quarantine

There are lots of useful tools on this page for parents and families who are enduring the pandemic together, including stress relief, practical essentials like local child care, how to make a resiliency plan, advice from experts on how to talk to kids (and keep talking to them) about the situation, and more.

Go Away, Big Stress Monster!  
A Short ’Relax and Calm Down’ List for Families Coping with Stress

 Kids Can Relax

How You & Your Kids can De-Stress, on the web, PBS Kids with Daniel Tiger & other videos

Calming Exercises for Kids, Breathing and Stretching - follow a little claymation monkey through a series of simple stretches with peaceful music. (Stop the film when you can see the island with water all around it at the end - or YouTube goes on to some random video.)

Mindfulness Breathing Meditation for Kids, with ocean imagery, on YouTube. Nothing much to watch, this is for listening. Great for bedtime.

Which Wolf Do You Feed? A short cartoon based on a Native American wisdom tale, to help kids understand a big idea about managing emotions. On YouTube.

Once, I was very very scared... a free online story book about the different ways we cope with stress & fear, on YouTube.  Parents may wish to view it first. 

 Fear, the story in English     Miedo, the story in Spanish

 Parents Can Keep Life Calmer

Rate Your Stress & Make a Plan Check out the charts in this extremely helpful article and make a resiliency plan for yourself and your family.

Parenting Now, Helpful Advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Support for Parents during COVID 19, a list of local and remote resources.

Lower Your Expectations, & Other Parenting Advice Read an article written for parents now, with advice from Dr. Scott Cypers, director of stress and anxiety programs at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center.

10 Tips to Prevent Fights with Loved Ones During Quarantine, Article online, also published in Psychology Today magazine.

Recess for Grownups  Ten ways to let go of stress.

Unicef’s COVID-19 Parenting Tips

Common Sense Media website reviews apps & movies that they feel could relieve family stress.
Common Sense Media article in English    Artículo en Espanol 

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Essential Help

Child Care in Humboldt
Changing Tides Family Services offers referrals to child care via phone and email.

Family Resource Centers in Humboldt
Services and hours at each center.

School Meals in Humboldt
Where and when for each local school.

Child Welfare Crisis Line
available 24 hours 

(707) 445-6180

Mental Health Crisis Line 
available 24 hours 

(707) 445-7715

Talking with Kids about What's Going On

Talking to Children about Schools Reopening  Children and teens have questions and concerns. Help them get ready to make the most of their back-to-school experience.

How to Help Kids Feel OK when going back to school, from the ChildMind Institute.

Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus, Why You Should, and How, from Child Mind Institute

Como Hablar con Los Niños Sobre el Coronavirus del Child Mind Institute.

PBS Kids How to Talk to Kids about Coronavirus, with Daniel Tiger videos

Coronavirus, what Parents should Know and Do from Harvard Health

Learning about the Coronavirus Resources for kids in different age groups, from Scholastic.

Coronavirus Explained (for Kids)  Video with NanoGirl on YouTube