IHSS Public Authority

The Public Authority was established by the state to act as Employer of Record for In-Home Supportive Services providers and to establish a Registry of Providers. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors acts as the governing body for the Public Authority. The Public Authority is a separate legal entity from the county, but works in partnership with IHSS to help serve IHSS providers and recipients.

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program

IHSS provides services to blind, aged and disabled people with the goal of allowing people to live safely in their own homes and avoid the need for out-of-home care.

To apply to be a provider or for services, please call 707-476-2100.

IHSS Caregiver Registry

The Humboldt County IHSS Caregiver Registry is a database of specially screened care providers who are available to work for IHSS recipients. When a recipient calls the registry looking for a new care provider, registry staff look at specific recipient needs, provider skills, availability, demographic data and other factors in order to find the best potential matches. A list of names is then provided to the IHSS recipient who is responsible for interviewing and hiring the care provider. This is a free service available to all IHSS recipients.

Please note: The Caregiver Registry is a referral service. The IHSS recipient is responsible for interviewing, hiring and supervising the care provider. Enrollment in the registry is not required to serve as an IHSS care provider.

Need more information? Contact us directly at 707-476-2100.

Essential Protective Gear

The IHSS Public Authority is partnering with SEIU Local 2015 to distribute masks and gloves provided by the state to IHSS recipients and care providers. Supplies are limited. Call 707-296-3537 to inquire about distribution locations and dates.

IHSS Advisory Committee

The IHSS Advisory Committee’s mission is to serve as a bridge to improve the IHSS system for recipients and providers by being an ongoing conduit of information and advocacy to the Board of Supervisors for the community.