Curbside Service

Curbside Pickup

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Use the Catalog to Pick 4 Items

Use the catalog to choose your own books and media.

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Get a Grab Bag of Up to 10 More

A grab bag is up to ten items picked for you by library staff.

Follow the steps below to ask that books, movies, and other library materials be ready for pickup when you arrive.

First, Request Books, Movies, Music...

Please do this in advance for efficient service.

The Library Will Notify You

When Hold Requests are Ready

The library will tell you when your items can be picked up, using the contact information in your library account. If you’re not sure whether your contact information is up to date, please call the library or check your account online so you will get the alert when your books are ready!

When Grab Bags will be Ready 

If we tell you your grab bag will be 'ready next day', we'll call you only if there's a change. Otherwise you can expect that bag to be waiting for you the next day the library is open.

Then, Pick Up Your Curbside Delivery.  

Now that Express Service hours are available, curbside hours may change.  See Curbside Service Hours at all library branches.

1. When you arrive at the library to pick up your items, please let the staff know that you have arrived. You will see a sign with the number to call.  (No phone? See the Frequently Asked Questions below.)

2. Wait until staff go back inside the library, then pick up your delivery. 

3. If you are returning books, you may put them in the book drop. Please note the special rules for Zip Books and Interlibrary Loan books.

'Zip Books’ and Interlibrary Loan books can be returned inside if you arrive during Express Service hours. They must be securely packaged in a zip-lock bag (Zip Books only) or padded mailer (either kind of books) if you plan to put them in the book drop. 

The items in your delivery are already checked out for you. 

Checkout periods are as usual. To check exact due dates, please look in your library account online or call the library by phone.