Mezzanine Floor Plan13. Mezzanine

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13. Mezzanine

The rotunda can be accessed by elevator or stairs and opens to the lobby below. The plaster dome was in poor condition with areas of water damage and holes where plaster had disintegrated. The tympanums in the arches in the dome have stylized painted foliate designs, painstakingly restored along with all of the decorative painted plasterwork. This was done with historical accuracy by ACGC’s subcontractor Spectra Company. The stylized ornate iron railing has been restored, as well. The original linoleum flooring was replaced. 

The glory of the rotunda is the magnificent dome with picturesque stained glass skylight, originally built by M.E. Cookson. The skylight was filthy with 85 years of dust and debris. It was carefully cleaned from above. From the center of the stained glass hangs the original chandelier. 

Adorning the walls are the historic and ornate iron lighting sconces, restored by skilled Humboldt County Public Works staff. 

The Mezzanine’s adjoining rooms are used by veterans for office space. The new elevator’s mechanical space is here, as well. Original Philippine mahogany interior wood finishes were left with their natural coloring.

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