Business Compliance

Reopening Plan and Certification Process for Humboldt County Businesses

Local businesses may now apply to reopen on a gradual basis consistent with state and local orders. While reopening will occur in phases and stages, completion of a Reopening Plan is a step businesses can take to be ready when their sector begins to reopen. Humboldt residents can find updated lists of certified businesses and spectator-free events on the county website.

If you are interested in producing a community event without spectators or own a business that isn’t reflected in the categories below, please reach out the Humboldt Reopening Team at Our team is committed to helping our community navigate the reopening process as safely and rapidly as possible.

Who should submit a plan?

Retail businesses deemed essential that are already open to foot traffic must apply to remain open. Retail businesses that were open to delivery and curbside only may now apply to open to foot traffic with substantial social distancing precautions in place. Supply chains that have been opened to support the above businesses, in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, will also need to apply to remain open.

Medical offices are not required to submit reopening plans through the County of Humboldt, but they may submit plans to the “Office Workspaces” sector should they choose to submit a plan.

For other business types:  please review the list of forms linked below to see if the state has provided reopening guidance for your sector. 

Who should not submit a plan yet?

The following activities are not allowed, and a timeline for reopening has not been set by the state:

  • Indoor playgrounds such as bounce centers, ball pits and laser tag
  • Indoor theater, concert and performance venues
  • Festivals
  • Adult amateur team sports/leagues

As guidance for additional sectors is received, it will be incorporated into this process.

Getting Started

To get started with plan submittal, please select the Reopening Plan form appropriate for your business sector. Fill out the form, submit it online and your submission will be reviewed. After review, we will reach out to you with either approval of your plan or a request for additional information.

Please note that all of the information you will need to complete your plan is included on the form for each sector, along with text boxes where you can explain in brief how state and local requirements will be incorporated into your specific business. The goal is a safer environment for workers, customers, and all county residents.

These forms do not allow you to save as you go, so please save your responses in a text or Word document in case you need to stop partway through or your internet connection is lost. The amount of time needed to complete the plan will vary by sector. Most sectors have four plan elements, but a few have as many as eight. We estimate you will need 30 to 90 minutes to complete the form.

To help you fill out the Reopening Plan Form, completed sample forms have been provided. There are also helpful references listed below the forms here. If you need additional guidance, please contact the COVID Information Line at 707-441-5000.

Reopening Plan Forms (Select Relevant Sector)

Please call the COVID Information Line at 707-441-5000 or email if you need helping deciding which sector is most appropriate to your business. Those who submit under the wrong sector will be asked to resubmit their plans.

Agriculture and Livestock

Auto Dealerships

Campgrounds and Outdoor Recreation

Child Care

Communications Infrastructure


Delivery Services

Dine-In Restaurants

Energy and Utilities

Food Packing

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Hair Salons and Barber Shops*

Hotels and Lodging

Life Sciences

Limited Services**

Logistics and Warehousing Facilities


Mining and Logging

Movie Theaters and Family Entertainment Centers

Office Workspaces

Outdoor Museums

Personal Care Services***

Places of Worship


Public Transit

Real Estate Transactions


Shopping Centers

Short-Term Rentals

Spectator-Free Events

Tribal Casinos****

Wineries and Bars

Youth Sports*****

Zoos and Museums

* Only facility owners need to submit reopening plans for hair salons and barber shops, not independent contractors and stylists.

** Limited Services includes services that are:

  • involving entry into residences or building
  • operating out of vehicles (auto repair, detailing, car washes etc.)
  • cleaning/janitorial
  • pet grooming and dog walking
  • landscaping and yard maintenance
  • laundromats, dry cleaners, and other laundry services 
  • tanning salons (source)

*** Personal Care Services include businesses that provide:

  • nail services
  • tattoo parlors
  • massage services
  • cosmetology and skincare services
  • body waxing

**** Tribal organizations are not required to submit casino reopening plans to the County, but can submit plans for consultation.

***** School-based sporting organizations should submit plans to school administration for review.

Helpful references: