North McKay Ranch

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)*

Cover Title and Table of Contents
Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Project Description
Chapter 3 Environmental Impact Analysis
Chapter 3.1 Aesthetics
Chapter 3.2 Agriculture
Chapter 3.3 Air Quality
Chapter 3.4 Biological Resources
Chapter 3.5 Cultural Resources
Chapter 3.6 Energy
Chapter 3.7 Geology and Soils
Chapter 3.8 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Chapter 3.9 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
Chapter 3.10 Hydrology and Water Quality
Chapter 3.11 Land Use and Planning
Chapter 3.12 Noise
Chapter 3.13 Population and Housing
Chapter 3.14 Public Services
Chapter 3.15 Recreation
Chapter 3.16 Transportation
Chapter 3.17 Tribal Cultural Resources
Chapter 3.18 Utilities and Service Systems
Chapter 3.19 Wildfire
Chapter 4 Cumulative Effects
Chapter 5 Alternatives
Chapter 6 Other CEQA Considerations
Chapter 7 Effects Found Not To Be Significant
Chapter 8 Preparers and Organizations Consulted
Chapter 9 References


A. Notice of Preparation
B. Air Quality Assumptions
C1. Biological Resources
C2. California Natural Diversity Database
E. R-1 Geo Technical Report
F. Hydrology and Drainage Report
G. Noise Calculations
H. Traffic Study
I. Native American Consultation

*This document is provided by Humboldt County Planning Division and contains information prepared for the North McKay Ranch Subdivision Project. The availability of this document on the Web is meant to provide transparency and ease of access. This document may not be fully compatible with screen readers and/or keyboard navigation. If you are unable to access the information provided in this document, please contact the Humboldt County Planning Division at (707) 445-7541 (main line), email (Project Planner), or in person at the Planning and Building Department, 3015 H Street, Eureka, CA to access this information alternatively.