Covid 19 & Your Health

Practical Health Information

saltar a la información en español

Covid information is available in ASL,  Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean from the United States Centers of Disease Control - and in many other languages from the World Health Organization.

Safety Practices

Cloth Masks are Recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, with 3 simple patterns to make them at home.  When do you have to wear a mask?

Prevent Getting Sick  from the Centers for Disease Control

Why 6 Feet, and is that enough? 

Keep Pets from Getting Sick, also from the CDC 

How Long Does the Coronavirus Live on Surfaces?  Web MD article with details.

Safe & Effective Cleaning Products  how to choose COVID-killing products that cause the least harm to your health and the environment.

Food, Groceries & Safety, from the CDC

Employers must notify workers within 24 hours if there has been a known COVID case in the workplace.

Paid Sick Leave - California and Federal law now combine to require employers to provide paid sick leave for this virus.

Travel guidance from the CDC.  Also, check this map to see rates of Covid in the areas you might travel to across the USA.

Wildfire Smoke & Covid-19 - when air quality is poor, what precautions can you take to protect your family's lungs?


What Tests Work & How Well? from the FDA

Free Testing Now Available at Eureka's Redwood Acres, in Scotia, and sometimes in the Willow Creek area. You can make an appointment for a free test here in Humboldt (free to uninsured, no co-pay for insured). The VA also does tests, if you're a veteran.

Seeing a Doctor

About Covid-19 Vaccines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Getting Vaccinated in Humboldt  - New vaccines are now becoming available here in Humboldt for those who need them most. 

No health insurance?  Enroll in Covered California now  Although testing is free, care during the illness still costs money. Make sure you and your loved ones have coverage. 

Do you need to see a doctor?  Covid-19 Symptoms, Home Care, and Managing Stress, from Mad River Hospital

Doctors online from Providence Medical, $50 visit fee or they take insurance. Live video visits 7 days a week  (Providence is St. Joseph’s Hospital’s owner group.) 

Doctors online from Redwood Urgent Care, about $95 visit fee or they take insurance. Live video visits every day of the year.

Doctors online for Open Door Clinic patients.

What to do if you are sick, from the CDC

Caring at home for a Covid-19 patient  from the CDC

Call 707-268-2999  for Community Mental Health Support for Covid 19.  

Local professional staff are available if you are feeling anxious, worried, or depressed in ways related to the current health crisis, and need someone to talk to.


Families planning funerals or memorials, CDC guidance

Grief - first steps in understanding and coping with bereavement.