Covid 19 & Your Health

Practical Health Information

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have approved the use of COVID-19 vaccines for children over 6 months old. The approval follows a unanimous vote from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory team for emergency use authorization for Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines for young children. 

Getting Your Child Vaccinated

To get your very young child protected, talk to the child’s pediatrician or health care provider. You can now sign up for a MyTurn vaccination clinic that has the vaccines for children 6 months and up.  Pharmacies are not authorized to vaccinate children ages 2 and under. Visit to learn more about children's vaccines.

Vaccines for older kids and adults are easy to get in Humboldt County. Humboldt’s vaccination and testing services are available free of charge.  Appointments can be made at

Testing, Now that the Official California Emergency has Ended

Do You Need to Get Tested? Covid symptoms can include a fever, cough, headache, or other signs. See the list of common Covid symptoms. Don't guess about whether it's Covid-19, a cold or the flu - get tested and find out for sure. Early treatment can help keep your illness from getting severe, and you don't want to infect elders and others.

The state’s COVID-19 State of Emergency officially ended on Feb. 28, but COVID is still circulating in Humboldt. People in need of COVID-19 testing can buy over the counter tests at local pharmacies or get tests through their health insurers or from the federal government

Getting Your Shots  

About Covid-19 Vaccines & Boosters from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Sign Up to be Vaccinated with MyTurn

Get Your Digital Vaccine Record. People who are already vaccinated can get a QR code and copy of their digital record with the California Department of Public Health.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy - Safety studies show that vaccination is safe for parent, for unborn child, and when breastfeeding.

If You Have Covid-19 Symptoms, or a Confirmed Case - read about what you can do (and what you must do) to keep yourself and others safe.

What about 'Long Covid'? Up to 30% of people who get Covid, including mild or non-symptomatic cases, may have serious symptoms weeks or months after the initial illness. Learn more about post-Covid conditions, how to care for someone with Long Covid, and support organizations.

Vaccination and 'Long Covid' - does vaccination lessen the chance of getting a prolonged illness? Here's what's known as of February 2022.

Back at work, but suffering from 'Long Covid'? Here's what the Department of Labor has to say about your rights in the workplace.

No health insurance?  Enroll in Covered California now.  Although testing is free, care during the illness still costs money. Make sure you and your loved ones have coverage. 

Do you need to see a doctor?  

No Doctor?

Individuals who use store-bought tests and do not have a health care provider may access test-to-treat services by contacting Sesame Telehealth online or by calling 1-833-686-5051. When your Covid-19 test is positive, an appointment with a doctor at Sesame Telehealth is fast and free. If the doctor prescribes medication, your pharmacy can provide it at no cost to you.

Doctors live online from Providence Medical, $79 visit fee or they take insurance. (Providence is St. Joseph’s Hospital’s owner group.) 

Doctors online for Open Door Clinic patients.

What to do if you are sick, from the CDC

Caring at home for a Covid-19 patient  from the CDC

Call 707-268-2999  for Community Mental Health Support for Covid 19.  

Local professional staff are available if you are feeling anxious, worried, or depressed in ways related to the current health crisis, and need someone to talk to.

Safety Practices

It's still OK to wear a mask. Masks are still a practical precaution when joining others in indoor areas, especially for unvaccinated people and anyone whose immune system may be compromised. The combination of masks and fresh air can help to keep vulnerable community members safe. If you are going to be around others who may be at high risk, such as elderly or ill people, wearing a mask is a good precaution for their sake.

Open the windows, use an air filter, or meet outside. Indoor air, whether at work, school, or at home, can hold and spread Covid and other viruses. Opening windows or using a good air filter system can keep everyone safer.

Covid-19 and Wildfire Smoke - breathing smoky air makes you more vulnerable.

Safe at School  Recommendations for how kids can stay healthy while attending school in person, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Safe & Effective Cleaning Products  The risk of getting COVID from surfaces has proved to be low. However, if you need to sanitize, here is how to choose COVID-killing products that cause the least harm to your health and the environment.

Employers must notify workers within 24 hours if there has been a known COVID case in the workplace. Read the law here.