Covid 19 & Your Health

Practical Health Information

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Is it Important to Get the Latest Vaccine?

Even if you've had earlier vaccines or infections, if you don't get the latest vaccine you are at higher risk, right now. Getting the newest shot gives you 54% more protection. The vaccine is still free for Californians.

Lower Your Chance of Getting 'Long Covid'

Getting shots, washing hands, and using a mask in crowded indoor spaces remain the best protections against Covid. They also reduce your chance of 'Long Covid'. Repeated infections of Covid have been shown to make it more likely that previously healthy people will get long-lasting effects like brain-fog and fatigue, diabetes, organ failure, and more.

People who live in California still get the vaccine for free. 

Most health plans cover the Covid-19 vaccine at no cost to you. People who don’t have health insurance (or who have a plan that won't cover the shot) can still get a free vaccine. Several local pharmacies and clinics are part of the program that provides free shots to people who have no insurance. 

You can use My Turn to make an appointment, or call your local pharmacy, primary care provider or the Public Health Clinic at 707-268-2108.

Getting your Child Vaccinated

Children 6 months and older can be vaccinated. Children under 6 months can be partly protected by family and friends keeping their vaccine current. Vaccination is safe during pregnancy and helps protect the new baby as well.

Testing, Now that the Official California Emergency has Ended

Covid symptoms can include a fever, cough, headache, or other signs. See a list of common Covid symptoms from UC Davis. Don't guess about whether it's Covid-19, a cold or the flu - get tested and find out for sure. Early treatment can help keep your illness from getting severe, and you don't want to infect elders and others.

Home tests are available at local pharmacies or can be ordered online. You may also be able to get tests through your health insurance or clinic. Or call the North Coast Testing Partnership at 707-825-5073.

Getting Your Shots  

Sign Up to be Vaccinated with MyTurn

Get Your Digital Vaccine Record. People who are already vaccinated can get a QR code and copy of their digital record with the California Department of Public Health.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy - Safety studies show that vaccination is safe for parent, for unborn child, and when breastfeeding. 

If You Have Covid-19 Symptoms, or a Confirmed Case - read about what you should do to keep yourself and others safe.

What about 'Long Covid'?  People who get Covid, including mild or non-symptomatic cases, have a chance of developing 'Long Covid' - serious symptoms weeks or months after the initial illness. Learn more about post-Covid conditions, how to care for someone with Long Covid, and support organizations.

Back at work, but suffering from 'Long Covid'? Here's what the Department of Labor has to say about your rights in the workplace.

Make sure you and your loved ones have coverage. 

Do you need to see a doctor?  

No Doctor?

If you do not have a health care provider but a home test shows you have Covid, you may get medical services by contacting Sesame Care online or by calling 1-833-686-5051. When your Covid-19 test is positive, an appointment with a doctor at Sesame Telehealth is fast and free. 

What to do if you are sick or caring at home for a Covid-19 patient, from the CDC.

Safety Practices

It's still OK to wear a mask, and a good idea to carry an N-95 mask in case you need it. Masks are a practical precaution when joining others in indoor areas, especially for unvaccinated people and anyone whose immune system may be compromised. The combination of N-95 masks and fresh air can help to keep vulnerable community members safe. If you are going to be around others who may be at high risk, such as babies and elderly or ill people, wearing a mask is a good precaution for their sake, even if you have no symptoms.

Test, then gather! Infected people can transmit Covid before symptoms become obvious. Gatherings of families and friends often include elders, children, and people with health conditions. If everyone tests before your gathering, even the most vulnerable can have better peace of mind, relax, and have fun being together indoors and out. 

Open the windows, use an air filter, or meet outside. Indoor air, whether at work, school, or at home, can hold and spread Covid and other viruses. Opening windows or using a good air filter system can keep everyone safer.

Safe & Effective Cleaning Products  The risk of getting COVID from surfaces has proved to be low. However, if you need to sanitize, here is how to choose COVID-killing products that cause the least harm to your health and the environment.

Covid-19 in the Workplace  Read about what employers must do now to protect workers, and what should happen if there is an outbreak at your workplace.