County Services

As of March 19, 2020, the Humboldt County Courthouse has been closed to the public due to the spread of COVID-19. While this and other county facilities remain closed or partially staffed, many are offering modified services. Please view the list below to learn which services are available and how they can be accessed. 

The website can also be navigated using its former homepage menu links.

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Board of Supervisors

Child Support Services

County Administrative Office

District Attorney


Health & Human Services

  • Public Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Benefit Programs (CalWORKS, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, General Relief)
  • Adult Protective Services and In-Home Supportive Services
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Housing, Outreach & Mobile Engagement
  • Public Guardian
  • Veteran’s Services

Human Resources


Planning and Building


Public Defender / Conflict Counsel

Public Works

  • Road Maintenance
  • Engineering Projects
  • Business Office
  • Land Use Division
  • Motor Pool
  • Natural Resource Planning
  • County Parks


Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator / Correctional Facility

Treasurer-Tax Collector

UC Cooperative Extension


Status: Open to the public Monday-Friday 8:30 – 5:00

Modified Services:

The public is encouraged to call for property information or to utilize the Assessor Webpage for property value information.

All persons visiting the Assessor’s Office must wear a mask and must stay behind countertop plexiglass when in the Assessor Office lobby.

How to contact:


Status: Limited access to public. Call for appointments.

How to contact:

Phone: 707-476-2452

Modified Services:

Regarding documents submitted to the A-C office: All submittals to the A-C office need to be in electronic format. We will not be accepting paper submittals.

Regarding tasks performed by A-C office: During this state of emergency, the only tasks deemed essential for the A-C office are 1) issuing payments to vendors and 2) issuing payroll payments to employees. All other tasks are deemed non-essential and will only be performed if time and opportunity allow.

More Information: Auditor-Controller homepage


Status: Open to the public

How to contact:


Airport Operations:

  • Phone: (707) 496-0102
  • Hours: 4AM-Midnight, 7 Days a Week

Modified Services:

No services have been modified at this time. Additional cleaning measures have been implemented in the Terminal and in Office Areas. Temporary public hand-washing stations have been installed at the two primary Terminal Entrances at ACV.

Airline Schedule:

United Airlines has temporarily reduced its flight schedule to 2 flights 2/from SFO daily (no LAX flight).  If your flights or schedules have been impacted, please contact United Airlines through or by phone at (800) 864-8331.


Status: Open to the public. Call for appointments.

How to contact:  Phone: (707) 476-2390

Modified Services: Supervisors may be conducting in-person meetings over the phone. 

More Information: Contact information for the Supervisors is available here: Board of Supervisors homepage



Closed to the public, employees still providing modified services.  The Lobby is open only for child support payments via kiosk. Kiosk hours are 10am-3pm, Monday through Friday

How to contact:

Modified Services: 

Employees are available by phone, webchat on our website, and e-mail. Customers may also log in to their on-line accounts for information and assistance. Our lobby will have a phone for parents to connect via phone with a staff member.

More Information: Child Support Services homepage


Status: Open to the public. Call for appointments.

How to contact:

Management & Budget, Purchasing, ADA:

Economic Development:

  • Phone: 707-445-7745

Modified Services: 

Employees are also available by phone, web meetings and e-mail.

More Information: 

CAO homepage

Economic Development homepage


Status: Open to the public. Call for appointments.  

How to contact:

Modified Services:

The District Attorney’s Office is available for questions by phone or email. Advocates from Victim Witness are responding to requests for assistance.

Humboldt County Superior Court is closed this week through Thursday and on Friday, March 20th will call only limited cases. All witnesses subpoenaed for this week should not appear for court.

The District Attorney will continue to file cases for individuals in custody and people out of custody who represent a threat to public safety. The District Attorney’s Office will continue to review all reports from law enforcement but will delay filing cases to allow the court system to address the most time-sensitive cases. Counties throughout the state are taking this action to deal with court closures and to reduce the number of victims, witnesses and other people appearing at the courthouse each day.

More Information: 

District Attorney homepage


Status: Open to the public. However, Elections is limiting the number of people allowed in the office at one time. 

How to contact:

Modified Services:

Conducting business over the phone, rather than in person, is preferred.

More information: 

Elections homepage


Status:  Open to the public. Call for appointments.

How to contact: 

The main number 268-DHHS open for business at this time (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) See below for branch specific information.  All published crisis lines and hotlines remain open. Social distancing maintained with the public and co-workers at all locations. Many staff are working remotely. General message is DHHS is providing its essential services. People should stay home if they can, follow the shelter-in-place order, and only leave home if they have to. 

Phone: 707-268-3447

More information:

Public Health

For information about COVID-19, please phone 707-441-5000 or email

Humboldt Health Alert  24 hours a day.

Status: Some Public Health offices are open to the public.  The clinic is open.  Some programs are serving the community via phone.  Non-essential services such as community trainings are on hold.   

How to contact:  

  • WIC: 707-445-6255
  • Clinic: 707-268-2108
  • Environmental Health:  707-445-6215
  • PH Lab: 268-2179
  • Any other Public Health program: you can check this page for contact information:  Public Health homepage 
  • or call 445-6200 if it’s NOT COVID-19 related
  • for COVID-19 related issues see number above

Modified Services: PH is serving community members including patients by phone whenever possible.   Community members are encouraged to call before making a visit to a Public Health office. 

  • WIC: Offices are closed to the public. Services are being provided by phone.
  • Environmental Health: The office at 100 H St. remains closed at this time. For emergencies or hazardous materials release reports, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7521 or 911.
  • PH Nursing: Supporting clients with telephonic case management when possible.
  • Syringe Services Program: Limited to the Community Wellness Center, 908 Seventh St. in Eureka on Thursdays by appointment only. Call 707-599-6318 for an appointment.
  • Vital Statistics: The office is open by appointment only. Call 707-445-6201 for an appointment. There is a possibility of delay in issuing birth and death certificates.

Behavioral Health

Status: Providing crisis services and modified on-going services. Sempervirens open.  Crisis Stabilization Unit open.  Same day Services is open. The HOPE Center is closed. TAY Drop In is closed.

How to contact:   

  • Phone encouraged wherever possible.
  • Crisis services:  707-445-7715 24 hours a day, 888-849-5728
  • Regular Access and Adult MH Reception:  707-268-2900

Modified Services: For Adult and Children’s services, providing essential services while triaging to identify potentially sick patients. Maintaining 6-foot distance. Initial requests to access non-crisis services being triaged, and clients served by telephone when possible. Group therapy canceled at this time. 720 Wood Street offices open; in-person visitors are screened, and six-foot distancing is maintained. Field work and in-person visits limited, distance maintained.

Benefit Programs (CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal and General Relief)

Status:  Providing essential services, with modifications.

How to contact:

  • Local Call Center 877-410-8809 Highly encouraged. 
    • Expect 20-30 minute wait times to talk to a live person If possible, call outside of “prime time” which is 11am – 2pm.
    • Almost all business can be completed by phone. 
  • Community partner inquiries also be referred to 476-4760 or

Modified Services:  Scheduled interviews and new interviews being done by telephone.  State has changed requirements so renewals/recertifications are on hold (people retain benefits).  Some CalFresh recipients may see temporary increases in benefits due to the pandemic. 

  • Accepting and processing new applications; online and phone applications encouraged.  (,, 877-410-8809)
  • 929 Koster Street campus, limiting access for the public to one lobby.  Limiting customers to five at a time for social distancing. 
  • Hoopa office closed
  • Garberville office reduced hours from 9:30-2, closed 12-1
  • 605 K Street office-closed to the public, all business by phone

Adult Protective Services and In-home Supportive Services

Status: OPEN as an essential Service

How to contact:    

  • APS 707-476-2100   (toll free 866-527-8614)
  • IHSS 476-2100

Modified Services: Community is strongly encouraged to use phone. 808 E St. remains open; limited access to lobby to ensure 6-foot distancing maintained

Child Welfare Services

Status: Providing essential Services

How to contact:   

  • Phone:  Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Hotline 707-445-6180 Available 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Administrative Office line: 707-388-6600
  • Email:

Modified Services: Essential services are still being provided. The child abuse and neglect reporting hotline is available 24/7. Efforts being made to conduct business over video/phone conferencing when possible. The Multi-Family Visitation program is temporarily suspended.

Housing, Outreach & Mobile Engagement

Status: Limited services

How to contact:  707-441-5010

Modified Services: Staff are practicing safe protocols as HOME seeks to provide more focused services. Limiting outreach to new clients and focusing on serving existing clients. Making sure people have enough food and medications and any other needed items during this time. Aiming for less general face to face contact and to only provide needed resources to limit unnecessary exposures.

Public Guardian

Status: Open for essential services.

How to contact:  707-445-7343

Modified Services: Use of telephone is highly encouraged. In person visitors are being screened.

Veteran’s Services Office

Status: Open for essential services.

How to contact: 707-445-7611

Modified Services:  Use of telephone is highly encouraged.  In person visitors are being screened. 


Status:  Open to the public. Call for appointments.  

How to contact:

Modified Services:

Conducting business over the phone, rather than in person, is encouraged.

All benefits appointments are being conducted by phone and electronically forwarding paperwork that would require signatures. County departments are requested to forward paperwork electronically.

More Information:

Human Resources homepage


Status: Library service is available online or by phone. Curbside service is available while library buildings remain closed.

How to contact: For curbside service, please see the Branches & Hours page to call your local library. Phone service from the Main Library is available 10:00 to 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, at 707-269-1915.

Modified Services: 

Wifi is available in the parking lot of all library branches 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. Please stay 6 feet away from others while using the wifi.

Free eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and research databases are available to download or read online.

New book clubs, story times and events are happening online, and can be signed up for on the library website.

If you have no library card, and want one now, sign up for an e-Card via the library website. If you already have a Humboldt County Library card, it has e-powers and more! You are ready to get eBooks with your card number.

More Information:


Status:  The Planning and Building Department has resumed front counter “walk in” service during normal business hours at our Eureka Office Mon - Fri from 8:30 AM- to 5:00 PM, and at our Redway office Mon and Wed from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Customers served in-person will be expected to observe the County’s published safety guidelines while in the buildings. For those who prefer remote support, telephone and email continues as options for addressing customer needs.

How to contact:

Modified Services:

Some essential services and other program services will still be provided through alternate delivery methods such as telephone, email, or direct computer operations via applications such as Accela, GIS, or Next Request.

To facilitate ongoing projects, building inspections will still be scheduled and conducted. Inspections may be requested by calling inspection recording line at 707-445-7244.

Other services mayremain available electronically via email at (be sure to include the topic of your email in the subject line) or by contacting your assigned Planner by telephone or email. Services will also be available via telephone at 707-445-7541 or 707-445-7245.

If you have an active permit application, you may upload information directly to the permit record by going online to: and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account. Contact the Planning and Building Department at 707-445-7245 to have our permit staff link your account to your project(s).

NOTE: Please send an email to the address above to alert our office that document(s) have been uploaded to your record.

Requests for public records may be made through Next Request at

All payments must be made over the phone via credit card.

More Information: 

Planning and Building homepage


Status:  Open to the public with modified services. Call for appointments.

How to contact:  Phone: 707-445-7401

Modified Services: 

Face-to-face reporting requirements for persons under probation supervision have been modified to telephone reporting. Persons being newly placed on probation or released from prison will still be expected to report directly. Cases where a public safety concern is noted will continue to have face to face contacts as deemed appropriate.

Monthly placement visits for youth in short term residential therapeutic programs continues per state mandates, as do monthly face to face contacts with youth and family determined to be at imminent risk of removal.

Community Service Work has suspended opening new cases until court resumes normal operations.

Court investigations continue with telephone interviews being substituted where possible. Jail interviews are being conducted in person but in public visiting areas where there is a barrier between the officer and the inmate.

Technical violations for persons on probation are suspended until court resumes normal function unless there is a perceived risk to public safety. New law violations and absconding is still being filed on.

Drug Court graduation is suspended.

Juvenile hall screening similar to the jail. Visitors will undergo the same screening process before being allowed to see their family members.

Enrichment programs and arts provided by outside persons are temporarily suspended in the juvenile hall.

Drug testing will be reduced to cases with public safety concerns.

Staff who chair or facilitate meetings will review the agenda for said meetings and determine whether the meeting should be cancelled, held through video or telephone, or proceed as scheduled. The decision should be made in the context of its relation to the Department mission and community safety.

More Information:  Probation homepage


Status:  Open to the public. Call for appointments.

How to contact: Phone: 707-445-7634

More Information:  Public Defender homepage


Status:  Open to the public by appointment, some employees are working remotely and may not be available on short notice.

How to contact:  Phone: 707-445-7491 or 707-445-7652

Modified Services: Please call ahead before visiting to ensure staff is available.

More Information: Public Works homepage

County Parks

Day- use areas at County Parks are currently open at this time, with the exception of Freshwater Park. All campgrounds are closed, including Pamplin Grove. The restrooms remain open.

Website: County Parks & Trails

Road Maintenance, 1106 Second Street, Eureka

The Dispatcher will be available to take requests for service by phone, Monday-Thursday, 6:30am - 5:00pm., (707) 445-7421.

Concerns or requests can also be submitted here: Request for Service on County Maintained Roads Form (Potholes, etc...)

Website: Road Maintenance

Main Office, 1106 Second Street, Eureka

This office is open by appointment only, please call 707 445-7491. Some staff members are working remotely, so please call in advance.

Masks must be worn and Social Distancing guidelines will be followed.

County Fuel Cards (Renner):  Distributing fuel cards will be by appointment only, please call (707) 268-2670.

County Park Passes: Passes will only be available through US Mail. Please call (707) 445-7651, then press 9,  for directions.

Keys to River Access: Please call (707) 445-7491 to make arrangements.

Website: Public Works

Engineering Projects, 1106 Second Street, Eureka

Plans and Specifications for Engineering projects are available on the County’s Webpage Engineering Division or by U.S. Mail.

Please e-mail or call (707) 445-7652 to have your company’s name on the Planholders’ list.

Bid Opening will still be announced, Please wear masks and maintain Social Distancing.

Please call (707) 445-7377 if you have questions.

Website: Engineering

Land Use Division, 3015 H Street, Eureka

The public counter is now open. Some staff are working remotely and may not be available. The Department encourages the public to call (707) 445-7205 before visiting to ensure staff is available. 

Website: Land Use

County Surveyor Office Special Notes:

Hardcopy submittal packages, documents, mylar prints and submittal fees may be dropped off at the public counter or mailed to:

Humboldt County Surveyor
3015 H Street, Room 124
Eureka, CA 95501

Electronic submittals for Records of Survey, Subdivision Maps, Corner Records and Boundary Corrections can be emailed to

For Submittal fees and Map Standards see the County Surveyor’s Web Page at

The County Surveyor Library is open by appointment only. The Roads Records room is closed to the public, but files can be made available by appointment. Call (707) 445-7205 to make an appointment.

The County Surveyor Map Index is available online at

Motor Pool, Second and J Streets, Eureka

County employees will have access to vehicles. Keys and vehicles will be sanitized between uses. Reservations procedures will still be in place. (707) 445-7374.

Natural Resource Planning, 1105 6th Street, Eureka

Please use e-mail or phone.

Website:  Natural Resource Planning


Status:  Open by appointment only.

How to contact:

  • County Clerk / Recorder: (707) 445-7593 
  • Vital Records: (707) 445-7382

Modified Services: 

There is a drop box on the 5th Floor of the Courthouse for recordable documents and requests for birth/death/marriage certificates. Title companies can drop their documents in the drop box as well. No need to mail anymore and we will allow them to pick up any rejections each day. We are not scheduling weddings at this time. Limited access will be permitted for document searches. Please call to schedule a time.

More Information:  Clerk-Recorder homepage


Status:  The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Main Station and substations are open to the public, by appointment only.

Scheduling Appointments:

Members of the public who have business to complete with the Sheriff’s Office should call ahead to make an appointment and confirm the services available at the station.

  • Main Station in Eureka – 707-445-7251
  • McKinleyville Station – 707-839-6600
  • Garberville Station – 707-923-2761
  • Emergencies Only- 911

Those with appointments should arrive on time and wear a facial covering, pursuant to the Health Officer’s Facial Coverings Order. Facial coverings will not be provided. Members of the public who arrive for an appointment without a facial covering will not be permitted to enter the station.

The following services will be available by appointment at Main Station in Eureka:

  • Registration Update
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting
  • Civil Process
  • Release of Property
  • Processing CCW Permits

Please note, any registrant who was unable to complete registration in the last two months with the Sheriff’s Office must make an appointment.

For more information about the Sheriff’s Office and services available, please visit or call 707-445-7251.

How to contact:

Modified Services:

Handling business over the phone, rather than in person is encouraged.

The public is encouraged to utilize the Online Crime Reporting Tool to help cut down on exposure. Read more about that tool and make a report here: Online Reporting

Volunteer programs in the Correctional Facility are being temporarily suspended to limit exposure of the inmate population to community members.

Non-contact visitation only at the Correctional Facility

More Information:  Sheriff’s Office homepage


Status:  Open to the public. Call for appointments.

How to contact:

Modified Services:

There will not be a due date extension for the 2nd installment of property taxes but due consideration may be granted for those paying late due to circumstances beyond their control.  Please see the Late Penalty Waiver(PDF).

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation the Treasurer-Tax Collectors Office is now closed to the public, taxpayers must pay their property taxes by mail, automated phone system (855-335-3132), or online at: 

View or Pay Property Taxes Online

Note: Online payments involve processing by private companies so there is a service fee charged by these outside contractors (not by the County) for credit cards (Fee: 2.38% of payment) & debit cards ($ 4.95 flat fee) … but e-checks are free!

The second installment of property taxes is due no later than Friday, April 10, 2020 … mailed payments must be postmarked by this same date!

  • Late property tax payments result in a 10% penalty and a $20.00 cost.  Most postal stations in Humboldt County close by 5:00 p.m. so after that envelopes are postmarked the following day.
  • Property taxes are due now! Take a moment today and send in your tax payment. Don’t forget!

If you have questions please look at your tax bill - front and back - or check out the website Treasurer-Tax Collector because almost all answers can be found in one of these two places. If you don’t find the answer then call us at 707-476-245


Status:  Open to the public. Call for appointments.

How to contact:

Modified Services: 

Until further notice, all public meetings and events have been postponed, cancelled, or redirected to an online platform.

More Information: UC Cooperative Extension homepage