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Tools to help you research, learn, and find out 'how to'. You will need your library card  and a library PIN to access most of these resources if using a computer outside of the library or via wifi. If you don't have a card you can still use almost all of these resources inside the library, using a library computer.

MasterFile - Magazines, Books, and Journals

Go to MasterFile Database
Masterfile allows simple or sophisticated searching for articles from magazines, books, scholarly journals, and more.  Search by subject, by journal and date, by keyword, title, author, etc.  Articles are accompanied by citation information showing the details of the article's publication.  This database includes

Consumer Reports


Mango Languages

Go to Mango Languages Database
Study a language at your own pace. Mango adapts to your unique learning style, so you can pick up on new words, grammar, and sounds in a natural way. Lessons involve a mix of listening and reading activities so you learn to hear and speak as well as read.

JobNow & VetNow

Go to Brainfuse JobNow / VetNow 
Online learning tools and free live expert help for job seekers and veterans. Get your resume together, polish your skills, and study for tests like the GRE, SAT, and GED. Get job search coaching. Talk to expert veterans who help with benefit questions. Live coaching and tutoring, practice tests, and more.

Linked-In Learning 

Go to Linked-In Learning   (a library account is required, always)
Shine up your resume with new, current skills. Learning can happen at your own pace, on your chosen device via the website or app. Choose from thousands of online courses and hear from real-world industry experts. Topics include creative skills like art, music and design; business skills like coaching, communication, and project management; and tech skills including coding, game design, and use of popular software and web-building tools.

Encyclopedia of Careers & Vocational Guidance

Go to Encyclopedia of Careers eBook 2021
Explore your career interests and read about related jobs. See an overview of what each job does, what education or training is needed, employment statistics, growing and declining industries, earnings, employment prospects, educational requirements, tips for getting a job, and resources to contact.

HeritageQuest - Genealogy

Go to Heritage Quest Online
A  treasury of American genealogical sources—including primary sources, local and family histories, city directories, research guides, census maps, military records, church records, Freedman's Bank records, wills, and more.


Chilton's Automotive Database

Go to Chilton's Automotive Database
Library users can use this library-paid subscription database to find reliable repair information on domestic and imported models from 1940 onward. Includes detailed, step-by-step instructions, diagnostic trouble codes, specifications, and troubleshooting guides. So that you can see what to do, there are close-up photographs and illustrations, videos, animated graphics, vacuum and wiring diagrams. So that you can hear what to do, Chilton's  now has text-to-speech. You can choose to listen to the repair directions instead of reading them when that is more convenient. 

Nolo Press Legal Manuals

Link to the Legal Self-Help Page at the County Law Library
The Humboldt County Law Library maintains a subscription to Nolo books online that you can use.  Use the link Free Books Online found under the Research heading in the center of that page.  You will need to sign in by using your state and first four letters of county, like this:

State Abbreviation:




Driver's Ed - All California Driving Licenses

Go to Driver's Ed Database
Practice tests for the written exams for car, motorcycle, and commercial driver's license. Includes the full text of the current California Driver's Manuals (car, motorcycle, & CDL.)
  Plus, explore the FAQ section with detailed answers to 100+ DMV-related questions

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Linked-In, JobNow, VetNow

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Access for People with Disabilities

The library strives to find the best and most accessible sources, but some functions of these databases may not work for every user.

If you can't get the information you need in a format that works for you, library staff stand ready to work with you to get it in a format you can use.

Call 707-269-1915 to reach library staff.

Most of these databases also offer help from support staff, via their Help button.

Support for ProQuest Databases

Handicap Logo


The Fortuna Branch Library has a subscription to this genealogy database. Unlike the other resources on this page, it cannot be used online from home. The Ancestry subscription can be accessed only from the computers located at the Fortuna Branch Library. Call 707-725-3460. If you can't go to Fortuna, consider using Heritage Quest, above. 

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Go to Newspaper Website

Historic articles from California newspapers from 1849 to 1911 can be searched by keyword with this helpful tool from the University of California at Riverside.

Census Data

Go to the Census Data website

Find statistics from the United States Census about population, places, jobs, education, and the economy.

Explora - Articles, News Videos & Documents

Go to Explora Database

Explora makes it easy to search for articles and news reports on your topic.  You can also find primary source documents, and sometimes short news videos.  The articles are sorted for different ages.  They come from magazines, newspapers, and reference books or were written and checked just for this database.  Each article has the details of its original publication so you can see where the facts and opinions come from.  If you are writing a paper, that is the information you need for your footnotes or list of sources.

Famous First Facts

Go to First Facts eBook 

Who invented the dentist's drill?  When did the Girl Scouts start selling cookies?  Who's the first person known to be hit by a meteorite?  What was the first railroad tunnel?  Who sent the first email, or the first tweet? When did a basketball team first score 10,000 points?  These and many other famous firsts are found here in the 2016 edition of this popular reference title.  Search by keyword or browse by category.

Humboldt Videos on

See Access Humboldt on the Archive Website

Watch thousands of local videos produced in conjunction with Access Humboldt.  


Go to Medline English Website  

Pagina Web Medline en Español (Informacion Medica en Español)

MEDLINEplus is a free database you can use to help answer health questions. This database brings together, by health topic, up-to-date authoritative information from the National Library of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, and other government, non-profit and health-related organizations. It includes drug information and an illustrated medical encyclopedia. Medline articles are written for the ordinary reader.

  See also PubMed, below, to read articles written for medical professionals.

Sci-Tech Data from the Office of Scientific & Technical Information (OSTI)

Go to the OSTI database

 A government database from the US Department of Energy that offers scientific and technical reports, journal articles, conference papers, books, multimedia and other types of data gathered by the government. Covers a wide variety of government science, not just areas related directly to energy. Many of the papers are highly technical and specialized but others are readable at a non-expert level.

Overdrive Library to Go - eBooks, eAudiobooks, & Digital Magazines

Go to Overdrive Library to Go

The Humboldt County Library subscribes to this source of eBooks and eAudiobooks for all ages, so that you can use them for free. From your home computer or using your own device, you can download novels, nonfiction, and audiobooks using one of the Overdrive apps (Overdrive, Libby, or Sora). Magazines that you love in paper format are also available. Due to restrictions from Overdrive, it is not possible to download Overdrive items when using the Library's public computers, but you can use library wi-fi for this purpose. You must use your own equipment. Find out more about library eBooks on our Search for eBooks page.

PubMed - Medical Articles


Go to the PubMed Database

From the National Institutes of Health, an index to articles on medicine and biology from journals and books, including some full-text articles and eBooks.  Advanced information for when Medline isn't enough.

Times-Standard Index

Go to HSU's Times-Standard Index

A local index of the Eureka Times-Standard daily newspaper, covering articles 1989 to 2005. It is maintained by Humboldt State University Library. This index allows you to search for keywords and phrases and find the dates and titles of articles. You may use these dates to find the articles on microfilm by using the microfilm readers and rolls at either the Eureka Main Library or HSU.