Climate Action Plan

The County is coordinating with other local agencies to develop a regional Climate Action Plan (CAP) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout Humboldt County. The plan will explore locally-oriented strategies to reduce emissions from vehicle travel, livestock, electricity consumption and other sources of GHGs.

  1. CAP Meeting Schedule
  2. Public Input
  3. Greenhouse Gas Inventories
  4. Draft Policies
Climate Action Plan Meeting Schedule
When? Where? What?
January 2020 (date TBD)                  Wharfinger Building,    
           1 Marina Way, Eureka CA
    Eureka CAP Strategies Workshop

What is a CAP?

AClimate Action Plan is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the specific activitiesa local government will undertake to reduce GHG emissions within theirjurisdiction. They typically include agency develops policies and programs toreduce emissions from transportation, building energy, solid waste, wastewatertreatment and agriculture.

Why Develop a CAP?

TheState of California requires local governments to assess and mitigate the GHGemissions associated with their major projects. CAPs have proven the mosteffective way to meet this requirement. To date, over 40% of cities andcounties in California have created a GHG reduction plan.

The benefits to reducing emissions go beyond climate change. With this CAP, the County will work with residents to develop emissions reduction strategies that enhance our local economy, improve community health and build resilience to climate-related hazards.

A Regional CAP for Humboldt County

Inearly 2019, Humboldt County local governments decided to take a regionalapproach to climate action planning. The Regional CAP partnership consists ofRedwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), the County of Humboldt and the cities ofArcata, Eureka, Blue Lake, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad. Together,these local governments are working to develop strategies to reduce emissionsthroughout our region.

Humboldt County GHG Inventory

Redwood Coast Energy Authority conducted aninventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Humboldt County for the year 2015. Thecomplete report on 2015 emissions, when completed, will be posted on their website. In the meantime, check the “Greenhouse GasInventories” tab above for an overview of the GHG inventory, targets andforecast for the Humboldt County CAP.  

Public Input Process

In the spring of 2019, the County hosted fivepublic workshops to introduce the Climate Action Plan. Another round ofworkshops will be hosted in late 2019/early 2020 to solicit input on draft CAPpolicies. Check the “CAP Meeting Schedule” tab above for up-to-date workshopannouncements. The “Public Input” tab includes reports from public workshopsand a link to the CAP survey. 

If you have any questions about the CAP orwould like to sign up for regular email updates, email Connor McGuigan: