Fiscal Year 19-20

The Citizens' Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures has received applications for funding for Fiscal Year 2019-20. Funding recommendations are below. View the applications that have been submitted and check the Measure Z calendar below for opportunities to provide feedback.

You can read more about Measure Z projects in our budget book. 

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The list below includes all applications received this year for Measure Z funding, as well as the Citizens Advisory Committee’s recommendations, and finally the funding levels recommended to the Board of Supervisors

Agency and Project
Committee RecommendedBoard
2-1-1 Humboldt

Funding to continue operating as Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD)$55,000.00

AJ's Transitional Living

To continue funding the position for a House Manager and other essential operating costs$113,296.00

Blue Lake Rancheria Volunteer Fire Department (BLRFD)

Match for personal protection equipment, cement pad/blacktop for training tower$62,484.00

Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods

To allow for expanded space and capabilities to serve youth grades kindergarten to sixth grade in the Eureka Area$100,000.00

Bridgeville Community Center

Four 5,000 gallon wildfire protection water tanks$25,000.00

City of Arcata

Purchase backup generator for D Street Neighborhood Center emergency disaster shelter$30,000.00

Purchase road grinding equipment for in-house road repairs$98,000.00

Purchase five sets of two, or ten individual, radar feedback signs for high volume streets/school areas$32,000.00

Purchase backup generator for Arcata Community Center emergency disaster shelter$60,000.00

City of Arcata Police Department

Continued funding for one School Resource Officer (SRO), two Juvenile Diversion Counselors (JDC) to serve K-12 students, families for Humboldt County's 3rd District and western 5th District$353,367.00$247,357.00$247,357.00
City of Blue Lake

Design and development of Hatchery Road/Mad River Access Masterplan$17,540.00

Continued funding for one half-time deputy sheriff$75,317.00

City of Eureka Community Services Department

Remove unwanted equipment/install new fencing/address safety issues at Clara May Berry Park$92,500.00

Two part-time Community Service CPTED Event Team members, purchase of maintenance van$82,000.00

City of Eureka Police Department

Continued funding for 1 FTE Police officer to work with DHHS and the MIST Team, 1 FTE Parks-Waterfront Ranger to patrol City's recreational open space areas where majority of homeless-related problems occur, part-time Homeless/Mental Health Liaison, and part-time MIST officer position. New funding for civilian part-time Homeless Services Programs Services Supervisor and part-time Homeless Outreach Worker; funding for emergency homeless support services; funding for Phone App Resource Management Guide; funding for miscellaneous equipment needs; funding for staff training$415,000.00$290,500.00$290,500.00
City of Eureka Police Department & Humboldt Bay Fire

Second portion of radio dispatch console upgrade and installation; purchase and installation of infrastructure related to microwave replacement and site equipment$1,010,000.00

City of Eureka Public Works & Humboldt County Public Works

Resurface roadway/construct ADA improvements for Harrison Ave between Erie/Munson Streets$350,000.00

City of Eureka Public Works

Resurface roadway on Fairway Drive$750,500.00

City of Ferndale Police Department

Record Management System (RMS) to allow for integration with other Humboldt County law enforcement agencies$82,958.00
City of Fortuna Police Department

Funding for purchase of a 2019 Ford F150 to be used by Fortuna POP officer$34,794.00

Maintain current Measure Z funding for a Fortuna Police Officer assigned as a SRO$186,577.00
Maintain current Measure Z funding for a Fortuna Police Officer assigned as a DTF agent with DTF$181,577.00
City of Rio Dell Police Department

Continued funding for part-time clerical support position in City's police department to provide support for law enforcement services, nuisance and code enforcement issues$33,488.00
Eel River Cleanup Project (ERCP)

Supplemental funding for annual operating budget: dump fees, equipment, gas, recruitment advertisement$3,000.00
Garberville Sanitary District

Replace 10 fire hydrants$200,000.00

Hoopa Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services, Hoopa Valley Tribe
Purchase equipment for Wildland Urban Interface fire program, including 10 handheld radios, 5 mobile radios, 10 gear packs, 10 hard hats, one 1-ton flat-bed truck, one 12-inch woodchipper, and masticator head for Track Skid Steer unit$196,027.00

Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department

2 Police Officers, 2 vehicles, to further law enforcement and resource protection$253,153.00

Humboldt CERT Coalition (HCC) - Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
Purchase basic emergency response equipment for Disaster Service Worker Volunteers$29,320.00

Humboldt County Adult Protective Services and District Attorney
Continued Measure Z funding for Elder and Vulnerable Adult Services Team (EVAST) to address cases of elder and vulnerable adult abuse with comprehensive approach and improved systematic response$38,309.00

Humboldt County Department of Aviation

Contract for development of design plans for new airfield electrical system at ACV (McKinleyville)$81,725.00

Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Mobile Intervention Services Team (MIST) expansion (MHB)$257,500.00

Humboldt County District Attorney

2.0 FTE Administrative Analysts I/II, 1.0 FTE Legal Secretary I/II, 1.0 FTE Deputy District Attorney$40,0742.00

Humboldt County Fire Chief's Association

Purchase equipment to bring firefighters to minimum level safety, three multi-use regional training facilities and upgrades to a current training facility, continuation of formal planning effort to address fire-related district boundaries$2,366,794.00
Humboldt County Library

Funds to hire two additional security guards at the Eureka Library$66,358.00

Humboldt County Public Defender

Two full-time attorneys and three full-time support staff in order to meet increased demand$793,639.00

Humboldt County Public Works & Resort Improvement District No. 1
Perform roadway clearing on up to 16.5 miles of strategic roads within Shelter Cove subdivision$181,500.00
Humboldt County Public Works

Establish/expand County Roads' heavy brush/fuel break program$871,300.00

Identification/removal of non-hazardous/hazardous illegal dumping sites, equipment, dumping fees$50,000.00
Improve county road surfaces, reducing response time for law enforcement, fire protection, emergency services$3,000,000.00
Remaining funds, if available
Remaining funds, if available
KMUD Redwood Community Radio

Emergency Broadcast Upgrade: equipment to ensure continued broadcast during emergencies$44,344.00
McKinleyville Land Trust

Community-based walkability/bikeability safety assessment to support McKinleyville Town Center planning$5,000.00

Mercy's Haven, Inc.

Residential program for single mothers to learn life skills and reunify with their children after participation in rehabilitation/recovery programs$90,288.00

Miranda Community Services District

Remove and replace 8 aging and failing fire hydrants within district$72,000.00

North Coast Substance Abuse Council, Inc.

Continued funding for residential drug treatment bed nights$77,500.00

Orleans Community Services District

Replace an existing unsafe structure and construct new fire station$200,000.00
Palo Verde Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD)

Purchase newer Quick Attack truck WITHDRAWN 3/28

Redway Community Services District

Replacement of 40 dry barrel hydrants with wet barrel units

Redwoods Rural Health Center (RRHC)

Funding to provide outpatient drug treatment counseling services to over 50 patients

Resort Improvement District No. 1

Purchase 3 additional emergency sirens for community tsunami & emergency (wildfire) siren system WITHDRAWN 3/21

Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club (SHARC)

Upgrade of Grasshopper (standalone) radio repeater

Southern Trinity Area Rescue

Volunteer driven, non-profit organization that would like continued Measure Z funding to maintain two paid EMT positions to help alleviate some of the strain on volunteers
Waterfront Recovery Services

Funding to provide Medically Managed Detoxification services, and Residential Treatment Services for homeless individuals with substance use disorder

Eureka City Schools

Funding for one 1.0 FTE School Resource Officer


Humboldt County DHHS

Clothing allowance for foster children placed with Approved Relative Caregiver (SSB) LATE APP-WITHDRAWN before consideration began

K'ima:w Medical Center

The continuation of ambulance service in the Willow Creek Service area LATE APP
City of Trinidad

Funding for half time deputy sheriff LATE APP

TOTAL (including late applications)