Report Damages, Recover from Disasters

After a local agency declares an emergency, there may be pathways for public agencies and individuals to receive assistance from the State of California and/or federal government, such as the California Office of Emergency Services, Small Business Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and/or US Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency. In addition, the information gathered through damage reports may be used for various post-incident reports, future emergency planning and even legislative advocacy efforts.

Individuals, Households, and Businesses

If you or your business were affected by a recent emergency, please report damages to OES at 707-268-2500. 

Damage reporting to OES is meant to help the county assess the level of damage sustained by the community. It is the responsibility of the local jurisdiction to provide initial damage estimates (IDE) and determine if the extent of damage is beyond the capabilities of local resources. Financial or other individual assistance is not coordinated through this reporting process. More information regarding available disaster assistance can be located online at the Cal OES website.

Agricultural Industry Damage Reports

If your damages were related to agriculture or crop loss, please report it using the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office online form. You can also call the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office if you have questions at 707-441-5260.

An agricultural disaster designation may be made in a county declared as a disaster area by the President or designated by the Secretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a disaster area. A designation provides Emergency Loans to help producers recover from production and physical losses due to drought, flooding, and other natural disasters. The Emergency Loan program may also be implemented for certain quarantines. Producers affected may apply for low-interest emergency loans in counties named as primary or contiguous under a disaster designation. A request should be completed by the county agricultural commissioner and include a completed California Agricultural Commissioner Disaster Report form (see links below).

In response to a determination of a natural disaster by the Secretary of USDA, SBA makes an economic injury disaster declaration making low interest loans available to eligible businesses. These include small, non-farm businesses, small agricultural cooperatives and most private, nonprofit organization of any size.

Agricultural Community Resources

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