Resource Conservation District

Sections 9151-9155 of Division 9 of the Public Resources Code, and the District's Resolution No. 00-08 adopted on August 10, 2000, reducing the number of Board members from nine to seven. 

Appointing Power
Appointed by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors in Lieu of Election (per the District's Resolution No. 94-01 adopted March 31, 1994.)


Members of the Resource Conservation District
Member Appointed Reappointed Term Expires
Daniel Cohoon 05/06 11/13/18 November 2022
Christine Manhart 1/5/21      - November 2024
Mark Moore 1/02 1/5/21 November 2024
Ryan Rice   03/26/19       - November 2022
Lane Russ 12/17/19 01/5/21 November 2024
Sandra Dale 11/13/18      - November 2022
Gary Belli 8/2008 1/5/21 November 2024

Be a registered voter in the State of California, reside within the district, or be a designated agent of a registered landowner in the district; and represent the interests and viability of the resource based community of Humboldt County.

Four (4) years with terms expiring on the last Friday of November of the second even-numbered year after taking office.

Assist landowners in the district, individually and as community groups, to conserve and develop soil and water resources through sound conservation practices and wise land use.