North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA)

NCRA meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Section 93000 et seq of the California Government Code

Appointing Power
Board of Supervisors (for Humboldt County members only)

Two from Humboldt County, two from Mendocino County, two from Sonoma County; a city representative; and a Board member of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District as ex officio.

Unspecified (other than residency)

Two (2) years (except ex officio members) 


  • Ensure continuing passenger and freight railroad service to the North Coast area
  • Explore opportunities for the improvement of rail service extending from Humboldt County through Mendocino County, and the potential extension of rail service to Del Norte County
  • Enhance tourist access to the North Coast area and encourage the establishment of tourist related facilities
  • Reduce reliance on motor vehicles and encourage the use of rail service as an alternative transportation means
  • Reduce traffic congestion on and deterioration of State Highway Route 101
  • Provide convenient and attractive transportation service for residents of and visitors to the North Coast area