Eureka Library Photos

At the April 2019 Stuffie Sleepover, all the little stuffed animals got to spend a night in the library, where they had adventures. First, they listen to a funny story called 'I'm afraid your teddy is in trouble today'. It has a happy ending!

All the little stuffies listen as the Unicorn reads a story.

Building stuff with toys from the Pat Smith Play Collection. If that's a pizza Garfield is building, he's piling the topping pretty high!

The stuffed animals play with building toys, little plastic disks that fit together.

Painting together on the computer. This portrait of Sam the Penguin seems a bit abstract.

The stuffed animals had fun making art on a computer.

It's getting dark. Time for a double-decker trolley tour of the upstairs of the library! Hang on, everybody.

All stuffies board the double-decker trolley for a library tour.

Ava the Unicorn pushes the elevator button with a spiral horn.

Unicorn used a golden horn to push the elevator button.  Let's go upstairs!

The Stuffies have fun talking to Mr. Nick Wilczek, the Library Director. They're telling him what kind of books he should get for Stuffies to read. (What stories do you think they like best?) Everybody really likes the shiny table.

Mr. Nick, the Library Director, talks with the stuffies.

How about a ride though the art gallery? Farm fresh eggs, says the chicken picture!

Stuffies ride a cart for a tour of the art gallery, and view a rooster picture.

In a corner of the art gallery, they find a tree just the right size for little animals to climb.

They found a tree to climb in the art gallery!

PomPom the monkey is a great climber!

PomPom the monkey climbed the highest in the tree.

It's time to head downstairs for bed. Here's a new friend who will watch over them while they sleep... Baby Bear.

The stuffed animals met Baby Bear, who is happy to meet new friends.

But maybe they're not ready for bed yet. What are they doing on the copy machine?

The dinosaur and the dolphin use the copy machine to copy - themselves.

These silly animals can't stop giggling. They have photocopied themselves!

Here are the prints those silly critters made! Copies of feet and furry little tails.

Good night, little Stuffies. Sleep tight in those tents you made out of books!

The animals made tents to sleep in, using big books.