Eureka Library Photos

Daily Prophet Newspaper advertises October's Harry Potter Celebration

Daily Prophet wizarding newspaper advertises Harry Potter Celebration.

Wizard's workshop

Utensils in a wizard's workshop including cauldron, flasks, ingredients, tools.

Ministry of Magic Member

A Ministry of Magic witch in a sage green suit, green striped tie, witch hat, wand.

Owl post! Hedwig delivers a letter.

Hedwig delivers a letter.

Flourish & Blotts Books (Fierce Dragons may be there)

Flourish & Blotts Bookstore.  Fierce Dragons may be there!

Wizarding Family with Luna Lovegood & Harry Potter

A wizarding family with Azkaban prisoner father, Luna, Harry, & Hufflepuff mother.

Flying car fated to hit a very valuable Whomping Willow

Flying car about to crash into the Whomping Willow in the children's room.

Potions sizzle and smoke

A display of potions bottles and ingredients, with magical smoke.

Hogwarts year 3 textbooks

Hogwarts textbooks in a display case.

Photo Booth with golden snitch



Welcome to Hogwarts!  Symbols of the four houses on the Hogwarts Heraldic Crest.

Unauthorized duel over a parking space

Two wizards duel over a parking spot, lightning flashing from their wands.

Hedwig & Harry

Mom lovely in feathery white Hedwig mask; son wild with Harry hair & glasses.

House points hourglasses

House point hourglasses showing G in the lead, R & H tied, Slytherin in last place.

Spinning spells

A wizarding couple create magical wand effects.

Hunting a Horcrux

Wizarding families crowd the Humboldt Room.

Playing Wizard Chess

A large set of wizard chess, with pieces a foot tall at least.

Gryffindor celebrated in Kim Yerton Library

Harry Potter books above a Gryffindor banner, at Kim Yerton Library.

Harry Potter eats books!

Harry Potter eats books at the Eureka Library Book Return.

Owl Post! Green scroll arrives in the mail.

Owl post delivering a green scroll.

In the Owlery.

Two small owls stand in the owlery.

Flight of the tiny dementor.... Expecto patronum!

A tiny dementor flies in the Forbidden Forest, red eyes glowing.

Wizard glasses magically made in McKinleyville!

Wizard glasses made with 3-d pen in McKinleyville.

A wizard's fingers glow with eerie magic as a dementor is prepared to fly.

Wizardly fingers glow as magic is achieved.