Roads and Crews

Humboldt County encompasses 4,052 square miles. Within that area, Humboldt County Public Works is responsible for over 1,200 miles of roads, 300 of which are gravel. These do not include state, city or privately owned roads.

The county is divided into 6 maintenance areas: Rohnerville, Garberville, Freshwater, Ferndale, McKinleyville and Hoopa and the crews are comprised of 5-8 crew members and one area supervisor. The crews are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the roadways in their area. They are also responsible for roadside maintenance, such a brush cutting and tree trimming, and since they do not use chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, ditches have to be maintained by hand or machine. They assess, repair or replace drainage systems such as ditches and culverts, as these are an integral component of road maintenance.

We also have a Sign Crew, who are responsible for all roadway striping and signage; a Bridge Crew, who maintain and repair barriers, guardrails and over 165 bridges; a Crusher Crew, who work the quarries to provide our crews with rock and material; and a Transportation Crew, who move all our heavy equipment from site to site. All of our crews respond to winter storm clearing and damage repairs.

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