Measure Z - FY 18-19

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Allocations


The Board of Supervisors authorized Measure Z allocations for FY 2018-19 as detailed below. Click the graph for more details. A description of all of the funded projects is available at the bottom of the page.


Arcata Police  $353,367
2 Juvenile Probation Diversion Officers, Student Resource Officer position to reduce truancy.
Blue Lake  
Half-time Sheriff’s Deputy dedicated to Blue Lake.
Board of Supervisors  $48,300
Audit of Measure Z expenditures.
Boys & Girls Club  $40,000
Expansion to offer additional programming.
Eureka Police  $512,840
2 officers, 1 Homeless Services Program Manager to work with DHHS, Parks- Waterfront Ranger to patrol Eureka open spaces, funding for housing, detox and residential treatment services.
Fire Chief’s Association  $2,290,536
National standard for safety equipment to equip volunteer fire; build fire stations.
Fortuna Police  $237,348
School Resource Officer for Eel River Valley schools, 1 Drug Task Force Officer.
Humboldt County Library  $21,307
Part-time security at Eureka Main Library Branch.
K’IMA:W Medical Center  $259,208
Continuation of ambulance service in Willow Creek area and along Highway 299.
Public Works  $865,095
Improve county maintained road surfaces reducing response time for emergency vehicles.
Public Works  $35,00
Address walkability issues in Willow Creek, Arcata, Petrolia.
Rio Dell  $32,000
Part-time clerical position to support law enforcement.
Sheriff’s Office  $196,812
Sergeant for DTF and School Resource Officer in McKinleyville.
Sheriff’s Office  $41,850
Begin implementation, repair of radio infrastructure.
Sheriff’s Office  $287,234
Carry-forward funding for purchase of rescue vehicle.
Southern Trinity Area Rescue (STAR)  $65,720
Emergency Medical Technician position.
Trinidad  $75,000
Half-time Sheriff’s Deputy dedicated to Trinidad.


Adult Protective Services & District Attorney 
Elder and Vulnerable Adult Services Team to address cases of elder abuse with
comprehensive approach.
Auditor-Controller  $51,795
Staff for additional Measure Z-related accounting.
DHHS  $1,029,778
9 positions and contract services to increase children’s mental health in eastern
and southern Humboldt.
District Attorney  $1,137,608
12 staff to help prosecute cases. Elder & Vulnerable Adult team to investigate elder abuse.
Probation Department  $538,774
Six additional probation officers to reduce recidivism among adult and juveniles.
Public Defender  $216,657
Investigator and attorney to deal with increased caseload.
Sheriff’s Office  $4,340,000
38 staff, including patrol Deputies, Correctional Officers, Community Services Officers, and other staff.