Humboldt Wind Energy Project

Humboldt Wind, LLC proposes the construction and operation of a wind energy project of up to 155 MW, with a project footprint involving 124 parcels, beginning west of State Highway 101, south of Rio Dell and Scotia, and terminating east of State Highway 101 in Bridgeville at the PG&E substation. Specific project components consist of:

  • Up to 60 wind turbines with maximum height of 591 feet from base to highest point of blade rotation, set on concrete foundations.
  • A 19 mile underground fiber optics communications system and electrical collection system linking the turbines to each other and to a substation for distribution into the General Transmission (Gen-tie) line.
  • A 115 kiloVolt (kV) Gen-tie line of approximately 32 miles would transport the energy generated by the wind towers. The Gen-Tie line would begin at a new substation located west of Highway 101, span in an eastward direction, and cross under the Eel River. Once across the river, the Gen-Tie line would continue eastward as an overhead line and connect to the PG&E Bridgeville Substation for distribution into the power grid. PG&E substation expansion and improvements would be required.
  • The wind tower and turbines with related components would enter Humboldt County via Humboldt Bay with anticipated port of entry at Fields Landing. No improvements to facilitate the offloading of turbine components from ships or barges have been proposed. There may be temporary off-ramps or other proposed modifications along Highway 101 to accommodate the oversized loads.
  • Proposed throughout the project area are temporary and permanent operations, maintenance, and staging facilities, two temporary cement batch plants, and up to 17 miles of new access roads. Existing access roads will be widened to accommodate oversized truck-trailer loads.
  • A permanent operations facility that includes related buildings and offices would be constructed on the west side of State Highway 101 at the Pepperwood/Avenue of the Giants exit.

PC Resolution 19-134_Humboldt Wind LLC_13999

Appellant Letter Regarding Denial of Humboldt Wind Project

Supplemental #6 – Public Comments 11.21.19

Supplemental #5 – Public Comments 11.21.19

Planning Commission Staff Report 11-14-2019

Read the August 2nd, 2018 Press Release (PDF)

July 31, 2018 Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF)

Humboldt Wind LCC DEIR Notice of Completion

Humboldt Wind LLC DEIR Notice of Availability

UPDATE: The deadline to comment on the DEIR has been extended to June 14, 2019.
Direct Comments to:   Humboldt Wind Project Planner
                                    County of Humboldt
                                    Planning and Building Department, Planning Division
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Humboldt Wind Project Responses 

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Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)*

Cover Title and Table of Contents 

Chapter 1 Introduction 
Chapter 2.0 Master Responses Introduction 
Chapter 2.1 Master Response 1_Site Planning and Avoidance Measures 
Chapter 2.2 Master Response 2_Marbled Murrelet 
Chapter 2.3 Master Response 3_Northern Spotted Owl 
Chapter 2.4 Master Response 4_Bats 
Chapter 2.5 Master Response 5_Migratory and  Special-Status Birds 
Chapter 2.6 Master Response 6_ Eagles and Other Raptors Opens in New Window
Chapter 2.7 Master Response 7_Special-Status Plants and Sensitive Communities 
Chapter 2.8 Master Response 8_Conflict with Adopted HCP Opens in New Window
Chapter 2.9 Master Response 9_Adequacy of the Greenhouse Gas Analysis 
Chapter 2.10 Master Response 10_Wildfire 
Chapter 2.11 Master Response 11_Alternatives 
Chapter 3 Federal Comment Responses 
Chapter 4 State Comment Responses 
Chapter 5 Regional and Local Comment Responses 
Chapter 6 Tribal Comment Responses 
Chapter 7.0 Organizational Comment Response Introduction 
Chapter 7.1 American Bird Conservancy 
Chapter 7.2 North Coast Bat Working Group 
Chapter 7.3 Californians for Alternatives to Toxics
Chapter 7.4 The Lost Coast League 
Chapter 7.5 Adams Broadwell Joseph and Cardozo 
Chapter 7.6 Friends of the Eel River
Chapter 7.7 MR Wolfe and Associates 
Chapter 7.8 Siskiyou Land Conservancy 
Chapter 7.9 EPIC 
Chapter 7.10 Marbled Murrelet Friends 
Chapter 7.11 Defenders of Wildlife 
Chapter 7.12 Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters 
Chapter 7.13 The Wildlife Society 
Chapter 7.14 Calvary Community Church 
Chapter 7.15 Environmental Statistical Consultants 
Chapter 7.16 Redwood Region Audubon Society 
Chapter 8 Individual Comments I1-I244 and FORM Letter A 
Chapter 9 Revisions to the DEIR 
Chapter 10 References 
Chapter 11 FEIR Preparer
FEIR Errata


Appendix to FEIR Errata

A Comment Letters
B Updated Technical Information
C Updated DEIR and New Maps

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)*

Cover Title and Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1       Introduction
2.0    Project Description
3.0-1 Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
3.2    Aesthetics
3.3    Agriculture and Forestry Resources
3.4    Air Quality
3.5a  Biological Resources - Environmental and Regulatory Setting
3.5b  Biological Resources - Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures
3.6    Cultural and Tribal Resources
3.7    Geology and Soils
3.8    Greenhouse Gas Emissions
3.9    Hazardous Materials
3.10  Hydrology and Water Quality
3.11  Noise
3.12  Transportation and Traffic
3.13  Fire Protection Services and Wildfire Hazards
4.0    Cumulative Impacts
5.0    Other CEQA Requirements
6.0    Alternatives
7.0    References
8.0    Report Preparers


A Notice of Preparation & Scoping Report
B Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas, & Energy
C Aesthetics: Visual Resources Technical Report
D Biological Resources: Administrative Draft Biological Resources Work Plan
E Biological Resources: Eagle & Raptor Aerial Nest Survey Report
F Biological Resources: Aquatic Resources Survey Report
G Biological Resources: Botanical Resources Report
H Biological Resources: Eagle Use Survey Report
I  Biological Resources: Northern Spotted Owl Habitat Assessment & Auditory & Visual Disturbance Analysis Report
J Biological Resources: Bird Use Count Report
K Biological Resources: Marbled Murrelet Habitat Assessment & Auditory & Visual Disturbance Analysis Report
L Biological Resources: Bat Acoustic Monitoring Report
M Biological Resources: Wildlife Assessment
N Biological Resources: Marbled Murrelet Radar Survey Report
O Biological Resources: Marbled Murrelet Collision Risk Assessment
P Biological Resources: Wetland Delineation for Activities in the Coastal Zone
Q Biological Resources: Updated Habitat Assessment & Auditory & Visual Disturbance Analysis for Northern Spotted Owl & Marbeled Murrelet
R Biological Resources & Transportation: Barge Discharge Memo-Operational Confirmation of Avoidance of Marine Floor & Eelgrass (Zostera marina)
S Biological Resources: Bird & Bat Conservation Strategy
T Hydrology & Water Quality: Draft Water Supply Assessment, Humboldt Wind Energy Project
U Noise
Appendix Section Separators (for printing)  

FEIR Full Report and Appendices Download links

Humboldt Wind Energy Project Full Report without Appendices (33mb)
Appendix A Comment Letters  (250mb, direct download only)
Appendix B Updated Technical Information  (128mb, direct download only)
Appendix C Updated DEIR and New Maps  (30mb)

*This document is provided by Humboldt County Planning Division and contains information prepared for the Humboldt Wind Energy Project. The availability of this document on the Web is meant to provide transparency and ease of access but is not required by CEQA. This document may not be fully compatible with screen readers and/or keyboard navigation. If you are unable to access the information provided in this document, please contact the Humboldt County Planning Division at (707) 445-7541 (main line) or in person at the Planning and Building Department, 3015 H Street, Eureka, CA to access this information alternatively.