Literary Podcasts

Podcasts about Books, Libraries and Literature

BBC Radio 4 Book Club  

Each episode of this podcast features a well-known author discussing his or her work with a group of intelligent readers.

Between the Covers 

A wide variety of today's best writers in conversation with David Naimon of Portland’s KBOO radio.

Book Riot Podcasts  

Scroll down to the 'Listen' section of this book enthusiasts' website to find a variety of lively podcasts for readers of various ages and reading tastes.


Intellectual, accessible, and provocative literary conversations from a Los Angeles public radio station hosted by Santa Monica College.  Focuses mainly on fiction and poetry and often features the authors.

Disney Story Origins  

Everything Disney film lovers might want to know about various Disney films and how they compare to and spring from the stories they are based on. Only a few films are covered so far.

Lit Hub Radio

This is a literary podcast lovers buffet, offering several choices in podcasts about fiction, nonfiction, and writing.

Freedom, Books, Flowers & the Moon  

The 'books and ideas' podcast from the Times Literary Supplement (UK).

Guardian Books  

In-depth interviews with leading authors of new fiction and nonfiction, thoughts about trends in writing, book festivals, book awards, and more.

Literary Disco 'Where books come to dance' 

Three writer friends read books and stories and essays and talk about them, including nonfiction, fiction, poetry, articles, plays, classics, children's books, YA, and everything in between.

The New Yorker Fiction   

Stories from past issues of the New Yorker Magazine, read aloud by various thoughtful people who then discuss the story with New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman.

New York Times Book Review Podcast 

Two or more authors discuss their new books (fiction or nonfiction) in each episode.

Novel Conversations 

The classics are covered here.  In each episode, Frank Lavallo hosts two readers, and the three of them give their reactions to a classic novel and read their favorite passages along the way.


Today’s writers interviewed in depth, including many new writers, fiction primarily.

Reading With Libraries  

A book club style podcast from Minnesota public libraries. Each episode discusses great reads in a different genre or topic of literature, such as travel, humor, romance, dystopian fiction, biographies, holiday tales, etc.

Secret Library Podcast   

Author interviews and discussions about writing, with 'real people who made time to write, often against the odds, because they believe that books matter.'

Slate’s Audio Book Club  

Critics from Slate Magazine discuss literature and nonfiction old and new with Katie Waldman.  It's almost always a conversation among three people, but the guest critics change.    

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books  

When it comes to book talks, romance readers and writers are always good entertainment. Here’s a podcast for romance enthusiasts to home in on.

What Should I Read Next?  

Get more out of your reading life with this lively podcast covering both classic and modern literature.  It features topics such as 'Bibliotherapy for the toughest times', 'The anatomy of an excellent reading experience', and 'Books that will totally make you cry (with laughter)'.

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