Mobile Response Team

The Mobile Response Team assists individuals in gaining access to effective outpatient and crisis services in the least restrictive manner possible, including individuals in a pre-crisis state and those being discharged from inpatient care. The field-based Mobile Response Team engages in proactive case management, peer support and clinical care before, during and after a mental health crisis.

Purpose and Function

  • Build upon self-identified individual and family strength and skills
  • Provide appropriate alternatives to hospitalization
  • Support access to county and community resources
  • Support de-escalation, safety planning and ongoing care
  • Provide education on how to improve health and wellness.

How We Help

  • Mobile Response Team staff provide crisis intervention in the field to address an immediate crisis in the least restrictive manner possible
    • Face-to-face counseling and supportive interventions
    • Assessment of mental health and/or substance use disorder
    • Facilitation of transport to the Crisis Stabilization Unit
    • Coordination of appropriate community-based services
    • Providing family support services.

When to Call the Mobile Response Team

  • If someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis
  • If someone you know is expressing suicidal thoughts or threatening suicide.


  • All ages are served.

Hours of Operation

  • Daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To give feedback on your experience with the Mobile Response Team, go to:

Client Survey - Humboldt County Mental Health Mobile Response Team

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