Disaster Recovery

Two federal Major Disasters have been declared for storm damages impacting Humboldt County in January and February of 2017. Local government entities are potentially eligible for federal and state disaster assistance for response and recovery expenses, under the federal Stafford Act and California Disaster Assistance Act. Potentially eligible entities include the County of Humboldt, incorporated cities and special districts in the Humboldt Operational Area.

DR-4301 is the disaster number for damages occurring January 3-12, 2017.

DR-4308 is the disaster number for damages occurring February 1-23, 2017

Request for Public Assistance (RPA) forms are due to Cal OES no later than Tuesday, April 25, for DR-4308. RPAs for DR-4301 were due April 11. Please note that data cannot be saved using Acrobat Reader. Print completed forms, write "DR-4308" in large print at the top of the form, scan, and email the form to DisasterRecovery@caloes.ca.gov.
Please refer to the NEW Public Assistance Guide from FEMA for all federal disasters declared on or after April 1, 2017, including DR-4308.
More more information you can also visit:

Documents can also be mailed to:

Mr. David Gillings
Public Assistance Officer
California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
Public Assistance Division
3650 Schriever Avenue
Mather, California 95655
Attn: FEMA-4308-DR-CA

A Request for Public Assistance form PDF (FEMA Form 90-49)
A Project Assurances for Federal Assistance PDF (Cal OES Form 89)
A Designation of Applicant's Agent Resolution PDF (Cal OES Form 130), if a current resolution is not already on file
A Signature Authority for State Agencies PDF (Cal OES Form 130SA), if a current resolution is not already on file
Project Application California Disaster Assistance Act Program PDF (Cal OES 126 CDAA Form 1)
PNP RPA Documentation Requirements PDF Private Non-Profit Organizations (PNP) have additional requirements for eligibility. Please refer to PNP RPA Documentation Requirements.
Std204 PDF Payee Data Record
FACT SHEET- Feb 1 - Feb 23 PDF Fact sheet regarding February 2017 storms