Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Ordinance

Mobile Home Rent Stabilization

Humboldt County voters passed Measure V, adopting an ordinance to regulate rent increases for spaces in mobile home parks with ten or more spaces in the unincorporated area of Humboldt County.  On December 13, 2016 the Board of Supervisors certified the election results incorporating this ordinance into the Humboldt County Code.  Measure V obligates the County to administer the ordinance.  

The Mobile Home Rent Stabilization, Chapter 9101, outlines the roles and responsibilities of the County, the mobile home park owners, and the residents.  In addition to the local requirements, all mobile home parks are subject to the California Mobile Home Residency Law (Civil Code 798 et seq.) 

Allowable Rent Increases

No rent in excess of rent in effect on November 1, 2016 may be charged unless authorized in the ordinance.  
  • Annual increases, after May 1, 2017, will be based on 100% of Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all items for all urban consumers for the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area as reported by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • The CPI for 2023, as of January 31, 2023, is 5.0%.  
  • Rent increase upon sale or move in of a new tenant, maximum 5%.
  • Rent increases for new capital improvements, with approval of a majority of the tenants.
  • Increase due to right of fair return, with proper noticing.

Mobile Home Conversion Ordinance

In 2016 the County adopted a Mobile Home Conversion Ordinance.  The mobile home conversion ordinance addresses steps that must be taken upon sale of a park.  The main consideration in the ordinance is recognition that residents who are displaced by the conversion may need to be compensated.  

Official CPI Notice 2023 (PDF)