Support Order Enforcement

The mandate of DCSS is to ensure that child support payments are made in a consistent and timely manner.  This means payment of the ordered current support in full each month. 

For parents who understand and take responsibility for meeting the financial needs of their kids this means DCSS provides excellent financial record keeping, management of future child support court processes, and a place to get all of your child support questions answered; like how do I know if my support is the right size for my family? 

If there are instances where the parent paying support does not or cannot meet the support obligation, other enforcement actions may occur.  Making timely support payments not only helps your children, it also helps you avoid having your drivers, professional or other license, suspended and helps you avoid having money removed from your bank account without your knowledge. 

  • Bank Levy - funds can be withheld from bank accounts to satisfy past due support amounts
  • License Suspension - All state issued licenses can be suspended or revoked due to non-payment of support
  • Other Enforcement Actions - repeated neglect of the child support account can result in other legal actions being taken.  If the account remains delinquent the parent paying support may be required to attend court to explain why payments are not being made and be ordered to look for work and provide proof of work search.

If you are concerned or have questions about enforcement actions that are being taken on your child support case, the first step is to call and talk to one of our case managers.  We will do our best to answer your questions in a clear and direct manner.

Child Support Awareness