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    Internet: Beginners to Advanced

    Become an Expert at Google

    Below are links to sites that show you how to go beyond your basic Google. They offer tips for average to advanced internet users. Learn to use more of the hidden features of Google and sharpen your search strategies and skills.
    Go Beyond Google

    Specialized Search Engines
    & Advanced Search Strategies

    If you didn't find it on Google or StartPage, that doesn't mean it's not on the Internet.

    Even a well-designed search engine only samples a small part of all that's out there.

    Learn about other search strategies and search engines here.

    Searching in Languages Other than English

    Google Preferences can be set to search for websites in your preferred language.

    The Search Engine Colossus offers a directory of search engines that are popular in nations around the world.

    Visit our Library Web Links in Spanish for quick access to useful sites in that language.

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    The library logo - framed by a book, a mighty redwood stands by water and hills.

    To 'librarian's choice' links on popular online topics from adult education to weather.

    Shortcut to librarian selected internet links.
    Image, a skeleton figurine searches on, through the ages.

    MetaSearch Tools

    Searching for something rare and hard to find?  For the widest possible net search, use a multi search tool like StartPage. These are called metasearch tools, because they bring you the results from many search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google at the same time.

    Wayback Machine

    Search the historical web! Use the Wayback Machine to find samples of pages that used to be on the internet, and are now gone.