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CalFresh Overissuances and CalWORKs Overpayments

There are many ways an overpayment can happen and some that can't be avoided.
If you have received more CalFresh or CalWORKs benefits than you were entitled to during a certain period of time this does not necessarily mean that you have done anything wrong or that Social Services thinks you have withheld information. 

If you do not understand how an overpayment happened or feel that an amount is not correct, ask your eligibility worker to explain it to you. You may also ask to see the regulations Social Services uses to determine the amount of overpayment and method of collection.

General Relief Repayment

The General Relief program is a county-funded general assistance program for indigent county residents that offers repayable benefits. You do not have to use any Social Security or SSI benefits you receive to pay this account.


Payments can be made:
Please note that a small fee applies when paying by debit or credit card. Contact us directly about EBT repayments.