Homeowner & Home Buyer Programs

Home Buyers Assistance

The waiting list for the Homebuyer Assistance Loan Program is currently closed. This is a gap loan program to assist persons who have not owned homes in the past. Read the Information Sheet to see the details of the program. Each person will be served when they come to the top of the list.  Be aware you must be low income (see below), but also given the house prices in Humboldt County, you must earn enough income to qualify for a first loan.

Homeowner - Home Fix-Up and Repair Funds

Humboldt County has funds for low-income homeowners, living in some cities and the unincorporated areas, to fix-up and repair health and safety items.  To see if your house is in a qualified city or the unincorporated area please contact the office. There is currently a waiting list.  To get on the list please contact the office at (707) 268-3735 or (707) 267-9402.

Home Rehabilitation Resources

2022 Median Household Income for Humboldt County

Median Household Income for Humboldt County
Number of Persons in Household Median Income Low-income Eligibility (80%)
1 $56,200 $43,650
2 $64,250 $49,850
3 $72,250         $56,100
4 $80,300  $62,300
5 $86,700 $67,300
6 $93,150 $72,300
7 $99,550 $77,300
8 $106,000 $82,250