Brookwood Covered Bridge (Jacoby Creek) Rehabilitation Project

  1. Project Summary
  2. Historical Significance
  3. Pest Treatment
  4. Next Steps
The County of Humboldt Department of Public Works (County) is proposing to conduct rehabilitation work on the Jacoby Creek Bridge on Brookwood Drive (Bridge 04C0124) in the community of Bayside, near the City of Arcata. The existing bridge on Brookwood Drive is a single-lane, covered wooden pony-truss structure. The bridge was constructed in 1967-68 to access a neighborhood of approximately 25 homes on the south side of Jacoby Creek. The bridge requires a relatively higher level of maintenance due to the nature of its timber construction which is more vulnerable to decay and deterioration than other bridge materials such as concrete and steel. Such maintenance includes regular replacement of decaying portions of the covered roof members, timber deck members, wearing boards, and other components subject to moisture and traffic wear.  

In general, the bridge is currently in good to fair condition based on its location, materials, and age. The majority of timber members and the concrete abutments are in good condition. The bridge has adequate load carrying capacity to service the current levels of traffic using the structure. However, there is an ongoing infestation of wood boring beetles concentrated in the lower portions of the bridge. This infestation needs to be proactively treated in order to preserve the integrity of the bridge members. Areas of the bridge also require treatment to prevent re-infestation. Lastly, certain portions of the bridge need to be repaired or replaced due to their advanced deterioration.

The following items of work are recommended for inclusion in the rehabilitation project:
  1. Fumigation of the bridge to eliminate wood destroying beetles infestation
  2. Topical treatment of exposed timber surfaces to prevent re-infestation of the bridge
  3. Replace deteriorated pedestrian walkway and handrail
  4. Replace existing traffic railing to meet current safety standards
  5. Replace untreated portion of the existing bridge deck system
  6. Replace roofing as needed
  7. Repaint exterior of the covered timber housing structure