Measure Z - FY 16-17

Fiscal Year 2016-17 Allocations

The Board of Supervisors authorized Measure Z allocations for FY 2016-17 as detailed below. Click the graph for more details. A description of all of the 29 funded projects (24 new projects, and 5 ongoing projects) is available at the bottom of the page.

Ongoing Projects

Funding Amount

Department of Health & Human Services

Rural child welfare/protection services


District Attorney's Office

11 positions


Probation Department

6 positions


Sheriff's Office

30 positions


County Counsel


Code enforcement Compliance Officer




New Projects for FY 16-17

     Funding Amount

Area 1 Agency on Aging

Elder Ombudsman - to advocate for residents in long-term care settings and investigate allegations of elder abuse and neglect. 


City of Arcata Police Department/Sheriff

Two student resource officers and two juvenile probation diversion positions to directly serve K-12th students and families in the north county. Will work collaboratively with the schools to reduce truancy and to keep juveniles out of the juvenile justice system.


City of Blue Lake

One half time deputy sheriff.


City of Eureka Police Department

Two police officers, equipment and homeless support services to work with the county's Mobile Intervention Support Team (MIST) to reduce homelessness. 


City of Ferndale Police Department

Public safety radio repeater upgrade for linking the Ferndale, Fortuna and Rio Dell police departments. Patrol vehicle repeaters for the police patrol vehicles.


City of Fortuna Police Department

Maintaining the current Measure Z funding for a police officer assigned to the Drug Task Force. Purchase of 27 hand held digital radios to replace worn out, aging radios currently in use.


City of Rio Dell Police Department

Continued funding for part time clerical position in the City's police department to support law enforcement, nuisance abatement and code enforcement.


City of Trinidad

One full time deputy sheriff position to provide a dedicated peace officer in the Trinidad area seven days a week.


County Auditor-Controller 
Fiscal assistant to handle the increased accounting and reporting duties that have been created as a result of hiring more than 40 new employees and other Measure Z-funded projects.        48,940

County Administrative Office

For critical emergency response services in areas that are outside of existing fire service district boundaries, such as along the Highway 299 corridor.


Relocate county services to make room for two new courtrooms in the county courthouse

County Counsel

One-time allocation for code enforcement abatements on parcels where the owner is either unwilling or unable to clear the violation themselves.        40,000

District Attorney

Vehicle and mileage cost for Measure Z investigator position.


Fire Chief's Association

Equipment such as used fire engines, metal building kits, personal protective equipment and fire hose. Dispatch services and efforts to improve sustainability and equity in how emergency services are supported in the County.


Humboldt Waste Management Authority

The expansion and augmentation to cover the costs associated with clean up by waiving disposal fees for illegal dumped solid waste. 


K'IMA:W Medical Center

The continuation of ambulance service in the Willow Creek Service area.


Public Defender

Increase staffing levels in the Public Defender offices to correspond to staffing increases from Measure Z in the Sheriff, District Attorney and Probation departments.   


Eliminate the Alternate Counsel's office and transfer staff to Public Defender and Conflict offices. Increase part-time investigator to full time.


Public Works

Provide funding for chip sealing and slurry sealing county roads to prevent pavement failures and insure safer driving surfaces.


Identification and removal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste dumped on County property.


Train additional staff for mandated Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting services required for commercial service at ACV.


Provide funding for FAA mandated Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting requirements mandated for commercial service at ACV.


Radar feedback signs and pedestrian countdown signals.         70,000


Four deputy sheriffs, one correctional lieutenant, one community services officer, one animal control officer and funding for overtime. Purchase a four 4-WD patrol vehicles and one rescue/recovery vehicle. 


Total for new projects