Grant Fund

The Grant Fund supports projects benefiting industry clusters with the goal of increasing private sector jobs. Non-profits and government agencies are eligible. Private businesses cannot receive grants directly but can partner with a non-profit or government agency. If you are a business with an idea for a project please contact staff for connections to potential collaborators from the public or non-profit sectors. When available, funds are awarded annually based on a competitive application process.

Funding Focus

The primary funding focus of the Grant Fund is to support projects benefiting industry clusters.  These are industries or businesses that have been identified as having the potential to grow and create jobs. The eight existing industry clusters, based on Prosperity! 2012, the County's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2013-2018, are:

·    Lumber and Wood Products
·    Tourism 
·    Specialty Agriculture and Horticulture
·    Niche Manufacturing
·    Management Innovation Services
·    Diversified Healthcare
·    Investment Support Services
·    Building and Construction