Library Statistics

Photos of a variety of people who are readers.

Humboldt County Library by the Numbers:

Our Latest Count Shows Approximately...

 in-person visits made to Humboldt County Libraries in a year
    32,000 visits per month
       1,600   per day
   internet visits to per year

Humboldt County Library Offers Service Via...

  10   branch libraries throughout Humboldt County, California.
    1   main library in Eureka.
       1   bookmobile that travels 7,663  miles a year.
    28   staff members system-wide.
200   volunteers, system-wide.
Image, a man gesturing to a bookshelf.

The Humboldt County Community Enjoys Access to...

315,000  items in the library collection
      667,000   are checked out per year
         14,000   eBooks are checked out per year.

Free Access to the Internet

82,000   public computer sessions per year
for culture, recreation, job and career opportunities, communication, and information.

In addition, most library branches have free wi-fi, allowing internet access to  hundreds  of library visitors each day.
Photos of Spanish Story Hour in Fortuna, Library Meeting Room, and Poet McCutcheon.

Free Educational and Cultural Programs for All Ages

events held for Humboldt County children's Summer Reading
children participating in Summer Reading
Free library programs held for adults and children
Attendees at library programs

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant library community!

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