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Tax forms, tax links, VITA tax assistance... it's that time again.

 The deadline to file your taxes is April 18, 2022.

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the CA 540 Tax Booklet has arrived at Eureka Library.

Call or visit your branch to see if it has arrived there.

Get Paper Tax Forms From the Library

The forms below are typically available, free, from mid-February through May. We keep a few for longer, so if you are doing late (or last year's) taxes, it's always worth asking. Most forms are available online and can be printed for you at 10 cents per page, just ask.

IRS Federal Income Tax Forms

  • IRS 1040 Forms Packet, has Schedules 1, 2, & 3   - Available now.
  • IRS 1040 Instruction Book - Available now.
  • IRS 1040 Forms Packet in Spanish, has Schedules 1, 2, & 3  - Available now.
  • IRS 1040 Instruction Book in Spanish - Available now.

California  Income Tax Forms

  • CA 540 Booklet (includes forms) - Available now.
  • CA 540 NR Booklet (includes forms) - Available now.
  • CA 540 2-EZ Booklet (includes forms) - Available now.
  • CA 540 2-EZ Spanish Booklet (includes forms) - Available now.

If you need other forms, you can also use the button below to get them via curbside service or call your local library branch. The cost to print them is 10 cents a page.

Request Additional Tax Forms

Get tax forms.


In-person appointments are available this year, not in the library but at several other locations. 

People of all ages can make appointments via the Senior Center, 707-443-9747. Masks are required.

Free Tax Help

Getting a little tax help can put money back in your piggie bank!

About VITA Free Volunteer Tax Preparation

Volunteer tax preparers go through a thorough training provided by the IRS. Then, they give their time to help neighbors and community members file taxes correctly, and get any tax credits they are eligible for.

This program keeps millions of locally earned dollars in the hands of Humboldt County residents, and in our local economy.

Sponsors include 211 Humboldt, the Redwood Action Agency, and United Way of the Wine Country, as well as many other local participating groups.

Beware of tax scammers

They may try to take advantage of the pandemic. Do not believe a robocall that says taxes are no longer being collected and any back taxes are forgiven. Do not believe a telephone caller who pretends to be the IRS and tries to frighten you into sending money or revealing personal information.  Be wary of email as well, especially email with links to click or with a message that 'you must act immediately'.

It can be hard to understand what the IRS is trying to tell you.

What Is That Letter From the IRS About, Anyway?

How to understand mail from the IRS.

What Your Federal & California Taxes Pay For - Enter What You Paid Last Year & See What Your Money Paid For

Pie Charts of Federal Spending and Revenue