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The deadline to file income taxes this year is now extended to October 16, 2023.

The deadline for California state income tax returns was first extended to May 15, along with the federal tax filing deadline. Now, for residents of Humboldt and other counties in official Disaster Areas this year, you may have until October to file. Read the IRS notice about the new October filing date here.  It's still a good idea to file as early as you can to avoid identity theft and other tax scams.

What about Payment?

This year, Humboldt residents who are filing late can also wait to pay until the October deadline, especially if they owe less than $1000 to the IRS and less than $500 to California. If you owe more, you may have to pay interest to make up for the amount the Feds and State would have gained on a normal April payment. If it's going to be hard to pay, the IRS has options including payment plans here.

Middle Class Tax Refund

If you received a 'Middle Class Tax Refund' from the State of California or a Disaster Relief Payment this year, you do not have to pay IRS taxes on that refund. See the IRS notice about the Middle Class Tax Refund here.

Storm Disaster Damage, FEMA-4683-DR

If you suffered damage due to storm disaster this winter, you may be able to claim your losses on your California income tax return. More information about claiming a storm disaster loss on your state taxes here. Property tax relief may be available to those whose homes suffered earthquake damage. The IRS also offers federal storm disaster tax relief, and some important details are in the IRS notice about October filing date linked above.

Wow, money!

Wow! Money! A wild-eyed cat holds a dollar bill between its paws in this goofy photo.

Did You Forget Something?

The IRS says there are 1.5 billion dollars in unclaimed tax refunds from 2019. If you forgot to file, you have until July 17, 2023 to fill out your forms and get any refund you may be owed. Even if you made so little that you owed nothing, some tax credits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, may still be owed to you if you qualified. Go to -

Beware of tax scammers

The IRS doesn't ask you to send money by a gift card, prepaid debit card, or wire transfer. 

Do not believe a robocall that says taxes are no longer being collected and any back taxes are forgiven. 

Do not believe a telephone caller who pretends to be the IRS and tries to frighten you into sending money or revealing personal information.  

Be wary of email as well, especially email with links to click or with a message that 'you must act now'. 

The IRS won’t call you about a special tax refund or Economic Impact Payment, and then ask for your private information, but scammers will! 

How to Check

If you are asked to send personal or financial details, check carefully online or by phone to make sure you send them only to real IRS or CA FTB addresses. 

Check on a California Franchise Tax Board Request

Check on an IRS Request

Scammers call with threats or promises, and say 'you must act now!'

Scammers call you and say 'you must act now' on their threats and lying promises.

Don't let them hurry you.

Ready for a disaster?

Being prepared for an emergency also means keeping extra copies of key tax and financial documents in a safe place.

Learn ways to be ready, or ways to reconstruct lost documents, from the IRS.

Visit for more information.

visit to learn how to save key tax & financial documents.

Get Paper Tax Forms From the Library

The forms below are typically available, free, from mid-February through May. We keep a few for longer, so if you are doing late (or last year's) taxes, it's always worth asking. Most forms are available online and can be printed for you at 10 cents per page, just ask. Your nearest branch may be holding on to a few forms for you as well, given the late filing date for Humboldt residents in 2023.

  • IRS 1040 Form  - In stock at the Main Library
  • IRS 1040-SR Form - In stock at the Main Library
  • IRS 1040 Instruction Book  -  in stock at the Main Library
  • IRS 1040 Form in Spanish - in stock at the Main Library
  • IRS 1040 -SR Form in Spanish - in stock at the Main Library
  • IRS 1040 Instruction Book in Spanish - in stock at the Main Library

California  Income Tax Forms

  • CA 540 Booklet (includes forms) -  in stock at the Main Library
  • CA 540 NR Booklet (includes forms) - in stock at the Main Library
  • CA 540 2-EZ Booklet (includes forms) -  in stock at the Main Library
  • CA 540 2-EZ Spanish Booklet (includes forms) - in stock at the Main Library

If you need other forms, you can ask us to print them at your local library branch. The cost to print them is 10 cents a page.

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Do You Need to Change Your Withholding?

Make sure your employer withholds the right amount for next year.  While you have your tax information in hand, you may wish to visit the IRS Tax Withholding Estimator.

It can be hard to understand what the IRS is trying to tell you.

What Is That Letter From the IRS About, Anyway?

How to understand mail from the IRS.

What Your Federal & California Taxes Pay For - Enter What You Paid Last Year & See What Your Money Paid For

Pie Charts of Federal Spending and Revenue