Measure Z - Fiscal Year 2015-16

​Fiscal Year 2015-16 Allocations

The Board of Supervisors in FY 2015-16 allocated Measure Z funds as detailed below. Click the graph for more details. A list of funded projects is available at the bottom of the page.

Law Enforcement

 Sheriff's Office 30 positions $3.15 million
 District Attorney's Office 11 positions $1.36 million 
 Probation Department 6 positions $603K 
 Eureka Police Department 2 positions, homeless services $400K 
 Fortuna Police Department 1 position  $125K 

 Fire Chief's Association Clothing, equipment, LAFCO planning fees  $2.2 million 
 Public Works Personal protective equipment at ACV  $19,500 

 Area 1 Agency on Aging Elder ombudsman $10K 
 City of Rio Dell Code enforcement support  $35K 
 County Counsel Code enforcement compliance officer  $125K 
 Hoopa Valley Tribe Ambulance service
*Contingent upon development of a
benefit assessment district
 Public Works Grants to remove hazards at ACV $79K 
 Public Works Road repairs  $425K 
 Public Works Pedestrian and radar speed signs  $25K 
 Public Works Waste clean-up  $25K 

Additional allocations made at Mid-Year (Feb. 9)

 Public Works Road Repairs $1 million 
 Department Of Health & Human Services Rural child welfare/protection  $533K 
 North Coast Substance Abuse Council Beds for substance abuse treatment services  $113K 

Additional allocations made on March 15

 Fire Chiefs' Association Emergency Service Gap on Highway 299 $63,214