Technical Support and Capacity

The Suicide Prevention Program is here as a resource for the community and offers support in building a framework for suicide prevention and crisis intervention in organizations and schools. We can provide technical assistance for your staff at your location or off-site.

Building Community Capacity for Suicide Prevention Workshop
In May, which is Mental Health Month, DHHS hosts a workshop for community members interested in learning more about the impact of suicide in our community. The workshop provides an opportunity to network with community partners, learn how to work together to improve the capacity to prevent suicide and educates attendees about local resources.

DHHS partners with several organizations in the community to devise the content of this workshop. Contact us if you’d like to join or host a breakout session.

Continuing Education credit is offered to certified marriage and family therapists and licensed clinical social workers.

Humboldt Suicide Prevention Workgroup
This group is in its infancy and looking to increase community participation. Current areas of focus include Reducing Access to Lethal Means, Social Cohesion and Workforce Development and Community Education.