Humboldt County General Plan (Adopted October 23, 2017)

Humboldt County General Plan (Adopted October 23, 2017)


Safety Element Update

Adopted June 27th, 2023. The Safety Element Update was considered by the Planning Commission on April 20th, 2023 and adopted by the Board of Supervisors. This update brings the Safety Element into compliance with new State law by adding maps that reflect the new fire hazard severity zones and airport safety compatibility criteria, by responding to hazards from the effects of climate change, and adding maps to improve usability. 

Download the Safety Element PDF Here.

Humboldt County General Plan - Land Use Maps

Using Humboldt County webGIS,select "Jurisdictional Boundaries and Land Use > Planning Layers > Current General Plan Land Use" from the "Layer List."

Quick Reference Guide to Land Use Designations

Humboldt County General Plan - Housing Element

Quick Link to the Housing Element webpage

Humboldt County General Plan Appendix E
Local Coastal Plans

The following six Local Coastal Plans, in concert with Chapters One through Three of the Humboldt County Zoning Code, comprise the certified Humboldt County Local Coastal Program.

Humboldt County General Plan
Stand Alone Community Plans (as Amended October 23, 2017)

The following three Community Plans, as amended on October 23, 2017, remain standalone separately bound documents, and in concert with the General Plan serve as the applicable general plans for these areas.

See Humboldt County General Plan Appendix C, Community Area Plans Extract, above for the community specific policies for the seven other adopted Community Plans.

Humboldt County General Plan

Hazardous Waste Management Plan (Adopted November 28, 1989)

PRIOR Humboldt County General Plan

General Plan Update

To access documents related to the General Plan Update, please visit the General Plan Update page.