Environmental Information

All publicly funded projects must be reviewed for environmental concerns. The type of review varies with funding sources (Federal funds or Sate funds), type of activity (new construction, rehabilitation or maintenance), or expected impacts. The lowest level or review, a Categorical Exemption, is typically granted for maintenance and/or repair activities. The highest level or review, an Environmental Impact Review, may be required for major improvements or new facilities.

Caltrans has been granted environmental review powers for many of the programs used to fund our projects. Among the many requirements which must be met are those regarding public meetings. On certain important or significant projects, such as bridge projects, public meetings are required. These meetings can be informal or formal, depending on the project significance. For formal meetings, FHWA/Caltrans requires that information such as the number, names and socio-economic data of the attendees be recorded as well as the topics and issues discussed. This information is requested in order to show that all of the community is represented at these meetings,

For a review of the environmental process and requirements, see Caltrans’ Local Assistance Program Guidelines, Chapter 6. For a review of the requirements for public meetings, see Chapter 8.

Listing of current projects can be found under Current Projects. Important or significant projects are usually found under Bridges or Capital Improvement projects. Please check the specific projects for scheduled public workshops/information meetings, public outreach material or to submit project comments.