Transportation Services


The Transportation Services budget was established to reflect the distribution of the County’s share of Transportation Development Act (TDA) Local Transportation Fund (LTF).  These funds are derived from sales tax on retail sales collected statewide.  One-quarter cent of this revenue is returned to the County by the State based on the amount of tax collected. The funds are then distributed to the local cities and the County based on population.  Program distribution is subject to the approval of the local planning agency, the Humboldt County Association of Governments

The legislative reference for the Transportation Services program is contained in the Government Code, commencing with Section 29530, and the Public Utilities Code, commencing with Section 99200.  Section 99222 states that the legislative intent for use of the funds is “that the funds available for transit development be fully expended to meet the transit needs that exist in California.”

In addition, on August 26, 1985, the Board of Supervisors established a policy that the annual local non-grant requirements for the bicycle and trailways program for operations, maintenance and administration expense shall be included in the County’s LTF program.

The following transit systems receive TDA funding:  Adult Day Health Care – Mad River, Eureka Transit Service, Humboldt Transit Authority, Humboldt Senior Resource Center, and Yurok Tribe