Administration Services Bureau

Description of Bureau

The 14, dedicated employees of the Administrative Services Bureau, provide critical support services to the public and the department as a whole. The bureau is made up of 4 divisions-Records, Training, Property/Evidence, and Financial Services.

Records Division

The Records Division, under the direction of the Records Supervisor, is the county repository for criminal records, including criminal offender registrations. Records personnel process Deputy reports, maintain the automated Want/Warrant system, and interface with the State Department of Justice to provide to the public with Live Scan fingerprinting services. The Records Division also processes business licenses and Concealed Carry Permit.

Training/Risk Management Division

The Training/Risk Management Division assures the department's compliance with state mandates for officer training, keeping records on each employee and arranging for appropriate classes. This division also assists the administration in identifying and developing additional desirable educational opportunities for all staff members.

Property/Evidence Division

The Property/Evidence Division accepts, catalogs, processes, and stores all evidence collected from crime scenes, found or abandoned property, and items taken for safekeeping. Property/Evidence Technicians follow detailed procedures when producing evidence for court, and when releasing or destroying property according to court order or statute. The Property/Evidence Division stores fingerprint records and compares crime scene prints to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) database. AFIS Technicians are also trained in serial number restoration.

Financial Services

Financial Services provides budget and payroll, accounts payable and receivable, central purchasing and supply, inventory control, data services, and grants coordination.