Construction Authorization

Many Public Works projects require a construction authorization from a federal or state agency prior to being advertised.  Each agency may have it's own procedure.  For example, state funded projects may require construction authorization by the California Transportation Commission (CTC). If the CTC approves the construction authorization request then the project must be advertised and then awarded within 6 months of project authorization. In most cases, the process is overseen by Caltrans. 

However, due to the short construction season here on the north coast, environmental permitting requirements, staffing commitments and other concerns, not all projects are submitted to the Board immediately upon construction authorization. Those projects that have received construction authorization and are expected to be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for construction approval are listed herein. 

The Department of Public Works will endeavor to keep this list updated but, as funding is determined by other agencies, the list is subject to change at any time.

September 1, 2014

206377 & 206378 Alderpoint Rd Storm Damage Repair
Project Limits: PM 42.65 & 42.70
Construction Programmed: Summer 2015
Construction Estimate:   $302,000
Description: Construct Stabilization Trench
Status: Board Authorization Required
Environmental: CE 11/8/09 & 7/3/08
Plans: Preliminary