DBE Bidder's List

As required by 49 CFR Part 26, the Department of Public Works must maintain a Bidder's List. The Bidder's list must contain the name of firms, contact information, the age of the firm, yearly revenues and work area.  This information is collected from past participation on Public Works projects, either as a prime contractor or subcontractor, or from bid documents (e.g., List of Subcontractors, Caltrans Exhibit 15-G1, 15-G2, etc.).  The Bidder's List is also supplemented by contractors listed on Caltrans California Unified Certification Program (UCP) DBE Database. 

The Bidders List is typically updated each year following the summer construction season. Firms that have not bid on Department of Public projects within five years may be removed from the list.  The Department of Public Works assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of firms listed on the Bidder's List: firms can change names, contact information, areas of work effort or even go out of business without notifying the Public Works Department.

For more information regarding small business resources, please contact the Caltrans District Small Business Liaison (DSBL).  In Caltrans District 1, please contact Ms. Janet Mohorovich (janet_mohorovich@dot.ca.gov)).  Caltrans DSBLs are an excellent source of information and are available to assist you

A recent review of the Public Works DBE Program revealed that the Bidder’s List was incomplete.  Certain information as required under 49 CFR Part 26 was not being submitted by contractors as part of their bid proposal.  To remedy this situation, the Department is requesting that additional information by firms on the Bidder’s List be submitted to the Department either in the mail or by email.

Unless a firm (prime contractor or subcontractor) has previously submitted the required information (as noted on the Bidder's List) or submits the information with bid proposal the bid may be held non-responsive and the bid rejected