Periodically, the FSC will oversee the development of various publications including plans, educational materials, and other documents. These publications help the public and partner agencies understand the risks of wildfire, the need for greater preparedness, local capacity to provide firefighting and emergency services, and so much more. 

The primary publication maintained by the FSC is the Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This plan is updated every five years, most recently in 2019. Visit the CWPP web page for more information on the Plan.

The FSC, along with a number of collaborators, also published the 3rd edition of the Living with Wildfire magazine in 2019. Be sure to check it out!

The CAL FIRE Unit Plan for the Humboldt - Del Norte Unit is one more valuable fire-prevention strategy document for 2020. While not an HCFSC publication, the work of the HCFSC is detailed in Appendix C.
  1. Humboldt County CWPP
  2. Living with Wildfire
  3. Fire Chiefs' Report

The (CWPP) aims to inspire and guide action over the next five years to prepare Humboldt County residents and landscapes for wildfire. The most recent CWPP update was published in early 2019.