DBE FAA Program

Welcome to Humboldt County's FAA DBE Program website!

The FAA DBE program is divided into two components; the construction/capital improvement program (FAA DBE) and the airport concessionaires program (ACDBE).  

Each component has a main document that includes Policy Statements, General Requirements, Administrative Requirements, Goals, Certification and Compliance Sections. A Discussion paper is attached to each of the programs which describes how the overall DBE goals are calculated as well as how individual project goals are set. Please note that the ACDBE Program requires the calculation of two goals: one for car rental agencies and another for all other concessions. 

These programs have been submitted to the FAA for review and, until approved by the FAA and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, are to be considered "Drafts"

Public Works - FAA DBE Program