Design Information

Current Engineering Design projects include only those projects that are programmed and funded through various Federal and State programs.  Additional projects may be listed under the Parks and Recreation, Airports or Facility Maintenance Divisions of the Department of Public Works.

The projects are grouped into three categories: Capital Improvements, Bridge Projects, and Disaster Relief.  

Most projects are divided into three or more phases: Preliminary Design and Environmental Review; Right of Way Acquisition; and the Construction Phase.  Each phase requires separate funding requests and authorizations, usually with oversight by the Caltrans Local Assistance Engineers.  

All projects require some form of environmental review which, depending on the complexity, location, or anticipated impacts, may take years to complete.  Simple projects, such as routine maintenance, can be “categorically exempt” from detailed review.  However, all environmental reviews permit some level of community involvement and oversight.

Right of Way (ROW) phase:  If the proposed activity takes place entirely within the existing road right of way, the ROW phase may be expedited.  However, if the proposed construction involves some form of ROW acquisition, then formal procedures and regulations exist which impact the cost and timing of project completion.  

Contracting procedures follow federal, state regulations, and County guidelines, depending on the funding sources (see Contracting Information). Most projects are done “in-house” by the Engineering Design Section though structural and geotechnical engineering consultants are often hired for bridge projects.  In most cases, plans and specifications are based on Caltrans Standard Specifications and Standard Plans (2010 or latest edition).  

If you have questions about a specific project, please contact us.