The Humboldt County Fire Safe Council (FSC) actively implements and seeks grant funding for programs that further the goals of the Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).

All programs are entirely grant funded. Some are designed as stand-alone projects, while others are designed as ongoing programs that may become periodically inactive.

Current Projects & Programs

CWPP Implementation: Phase IV

Upcoming Grant Funding (est. January 2022 - March 2025)

This project will build on previous phases, using the lessons learned to finetune a collaborative approach to preparing communities for wildfire. Although some components of the project will be delivered countywide, this phase of CWPP implementation will be focused on supporting a meaningful level of activity within the target areas of Willow Creek, Shelter Cove, the lower Mattole watershed (primarily in Petrolia and Honeydew), and the greater Southern Humboldt area (primarily in Garberville and Redway).

It will include direct defensible space assistance and home risk assessments for elderly, disabled, and/or low-income individuals; Fire Prevention Education workshops; expansion of the existing countywide FLASH program; and finally, hazardous fuels reduction along key evacuation routes. The County will be working with several Implementation Partners to plan and coordinate work
 within each focus area.

Fire-adapted Landscapes and Safe Homes (FLASH) 

Current Grant Funding (September 2020 - March 2025)

The FLASH program provides a cost share to help property owners lower their risk to wildfire by reducing flammable vegetation around their homes and along access routes. Upcoming grant funding will enable the program to be expanded to include delivery of prescribed fire assessments and burn plans developed by one or more in a cohort of the state’s first-ever certified burn bosses.

CWPP Implementation: Phase II

Current Grant Funding (June 2019 - April 2022)

This project models a comprehensive approach to wildfire mitigation in at-risk communities
that can be learned from, refined, and replicated in new priority areas throughout the county with future funding. The project will fund roadside clearance, defensible space assistance for eligible residents, and free chipping services to neighborhoods across the county. In addition, two new Firewise communities will be established.

Specific model project locations are being selected by the County and HCFSC through the evaluation of CWPP action plans developed for each of the 14 planning units within the county—geographic units of analysis developed for the purposes of localized fire planning. Project site selection criteria include wildfire risk; community priority (as identified in the CWPP); likely levels of participation; and how well the work will demonstrate best practices and inspire community learning and momentum for additional projects. Work is being planned in each of the County's 14 CWPP Planning Units.

Past Projects & Programs

Restoration of Beneficial Fire (2019-2021)

Prescribed fire is a vital tool in reducing hazardous fuels (among many other uses). This project was aimed at educating the public, elected officials, and the HCFSC on the benefits of prescribed fire and supporting the work of the UC Cooperative Extension and Humboldt County Prescribed Burn Association (HCPBA) in developing burn plans and training volunteer fire departments (VFDs) to implement prescribed burns. A Southern Humboldt Prescribed Burn Liaison was specifically tasked with educating Southern Humboldt landowners and VFDs, and establishing a Southern Humboldt Chapter of the HCPBA. The Liaison role will continue through other funding.


The Humboldt County Firewise Program has historically provided assistance for local communities interested in receiving recognition and support from the national Firewise Communities Program. The National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA’s) Firewise Communities Program encourages local solutions for safety by enabling homeowner involvement in neighborhood-level preparedness. Support for this program is dependent on available funding. 

Title III Small Grant Program

Periodically, the FSC will oversee the distribution of Title III funding in the form of small grants to local organizations to assist with Firewise activities and the development of local CWPPs. This program is not currently active but funding may become available in the future.

Funding Acknowledgements

The current projects and programs described above have been generously funded as follows:

CAL FIRE Fire Prevention Program

Funded by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (“CAL FIRE”) California Climate Investments

  • 2021 - CWPP Implementation: Phase IV
  • 2020 - CWPP Implementation: Phase III (FLASH)
  • 2019 - CWPP Implementation: Phase II

CA Fire Safe Council Grants Clearinghouse

Funding provided by grants from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region, through California Fire Safe Council (“CFSC”) Grants Clearinghouse Fire Prevention Program

  • 2021 - CWPP Implementation: Phase III, Part II
  • 2019 - CWPP Implementation: Phase II, Part II

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