Local and Regional Plans

Shared Strategy for a Shared Prosperity

The California State Workforce Development Board has a State Plan that sets forth the policy direction for the development of Local and Regional Plans.  The three overarching goals included in the State Plan are:  fostering demand-driven skills attainment by aligning education and workforce programs with industry sector needs; enabling upward mobility, including populations with barriers, by ensuring education and workforce programs are accessible for all Californians; and aligning, coordinating and integrating programs and services to economize limited resources to achieve scale and impact and ensure each customer's needs for skills development are being met.

The primary purpose of the Local Plan is to facilitate access to workforce services at the local level; and, the primary purpose of the Regional Plan is to align education and training providers with regional industry needs.  The Humboldt County Workforce Development Board's Local and Regional Plans support the State Plan by focusing on sector strategies, career pathways, regional partnerships, prioritizing populations with barriers to employment, alignment between workforce, industry and education, and braiding resources and funding.  


Find out more about our Local and Regional Plans by viewing the documents below:

Local Plan - 2017-2021

Regional Plan - 2017-2021

Local Plan - 2019-2021 Modification

Regional Plan - 2019-2021 Modification