Local Coastal Plan Update

Humboldt Bay Area Plan Update

Humboldt County has received grant funding from the Ocean Protection Council and the California Coastal Commission to update the Humboldt Bay Area Plan (HBAP), a component of the County’s Local Coastal Program. The HBAP was originally certified in 1982, and establishes policies that govern the use of approximately 21,500 acres of land in the unincorporated area around Humboldt Bay and over 20 miles of Pacific coastline.

The primary objective of the HBAP update is to build on the coordinated sea level rise planning around Humboldt Bay and address potential impacts to coastal-dependent uses; critical public facilities such as roads, wastewater treatment plants and shoreline protection structures; communities, including some of the County’s most vulnerable areas - the economically disadvantaged communities of King Salmon, Fields Landing, and Fairhaven/Finn Town; agricultural land; and environmentally sensitive habitat areas (ESHA). In addition, the sea level rise planning will help direct policy initiatives to protect priority land uses, e.g. coastal dependent activities (such as coastal-dependent, industrial and recreation) and ESHA. This grant will also support Humboldt Bay-wide tsunami safety planning by compiling community planning efforts that have been completed to date and conducting planning for sparsely populated areas. Links to useful information relating to the HBAP update are available below, organized by focus area.

Humboldt Bay Area Plan – General Information

Sea Level Rise

Coastal-Dependent Industrial Land

Land Use and Zoning Changes

Tsunami Safety

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