Local Coastal Plan Update

Humboldt Bay Area Plan Update

The County of Humboldt is currently updating the Humboldt Bay Area Plan (HBAP) and the Implementation Plan (IP, Zoning Code), components of the Humboldt County Local Coastal Program (LCP). The HBAP was originally certified in 1982 and establishes policies that govern the use of approximately 21,500 acres of land in the unincorporated area around Humboldt Bay and over 20 miles of Pacific coastline. The LCP has not been comprehensively updated to reflect local and regional changes over the last 32 years. The HBAP update will support new policies for coastal dependent uses informed by the Coastal-Dependent Industrial (CDI) inventory and market analysis work completed under a previous grant.  A focus of this project will be adding to and modifying policies and implementation measures to support the anticipated facilities needed to support future offshore wind energy development in the coming decade.  The County is working with the Humboldt Bay Harbor District to understand its needs; through this project, policies will be developed to support those requirements. At a minimum, these policies and implementation measures will address structure height, lighting, and protection of Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA) that occurs intermittently around the proposed manufacturing sites. This update will also refine the Humboldt Bay-wide tsunami safety planning policies and reflect the most recent tsunami run-up predictions of the California Geological Survey (CGS). Additionally, updates will focus on incorporating Sea Level Rise (SLR) planning policy work into the existing HBAP framework, following the best practices for adapting to SLR informed by the best science available and most recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and California Coastal Commission (CCC) guidance.

Any questions regarding the Humboldt Bay Area Plan Update can be directed to Cade McNamara at (707) 268-3777 or cmcnamara@co.humboldt.ca.us 

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