Healthy Alternatives for Youth & Families Program

The Healthy Alternatives program is a collaborative between Humboldt County Probation, Mental Health – Children Youth and Family Services branch and the Superior Court. The program works in a coordinated team approach to provide judicial oversight, community supervision, case management and Functional Family Therapy to juvenile wards of the court and their families. An individualized treatment plan is developed for each minor and their families and progress is staffed regularly by the treatment team.

Participants proceed through a series of program phases of supervision and family work with a clinician to help them more fully integrate into the community and deal with behavioral and adjustment related issues. Additional community resources are identified and accessed to address the individualized needs of participants. Following program completion (10 months minimum time period), participants may be terminated from probation or returned to a regular juvenile field caseload.

Healthy Alternatives Services

  • Chemical testing, if ordered
  • Functional Family Therapy
  • Individual and family counseling services
  • Individualized services to meet identified needs
  • Intensive supervision
  • Judicial oversight
  • Mental health assessment
  • Pro-social activities
Healthy Alternatives Goals
  • Provide teens and their families therapeutic services and support, strengthening the   family’s response to behavioral challenges
  • Reduce recidivism and need for detention by youth skills building
  • Prevent out-of-home placement by working with the family within this community
  • Maintain public safety with high standards of accountability through regular court monitoring, community supervision and intensive case management
Teach Program Participants
  • Appropriate and acceptable ways to meet needs without resorting to maladaptive or delinquent behavior
  • Problem-solving skills such as communication, assertiveness and identifying healthy activities and support within the community