Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Library Patrons

The library offers free internet access, great Wi-Fi, eBooks, books, and captioned films. 

Have a question?  Librarians can provide information over the phone via the California Relay Service.

Library programs and services are intended to be easy to use for everyone.  Please ask if you need assistance.

California Relay Service

Librarians are used to receiving Relay Service calls, in which California's trained helpers relay your call. This service works if you are hard-of-hearing, if you are using a TTY, or if your speech is hard for some to understand.

Dial 711 to reach the Relay Service.

Calling the Reference Desk

Need information?  Ask us a question.

Want a book or video reserved for you?  We can do that.

The number to call is 707-269-1905.

Be ready to use your redial button if the telephone isn't answered right away. The librarian may be away from the desk or helping someone else and may not be able to pick up before the phone stops ringing.  We want to answer your call!