Victim Witness Assistance Program

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courthouseVictim Witness Assistance Program

The District Attorney's Office is committed to helping victims of crime and vigorously protecting their rights. Crime affects all ages, races, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Some victims of crime move on with their lives fairly easily, but many suffer continuing trauma. The main purpose of the Victim Witness Assistance Program is to alleviate trauma and the devastating effects of crimes on the lives of victims and their families. Through close partnerships with law enforcement, victim service agencies and groups, our victim advocates are able to guide victims through the court process, help victims receive restitution, provide crisis intervention and provide referrals to counseling and community services.

The D.A. Victim Witness Assistance Program provides the following services to victims of crime: crisis intervention, emergency assistance, case information and referral, case status, disposition and tracking information, court orientation, court escort and support, restraining order assistance, and assistance with applying and submitting California Victim of Crime Compensation applications for financial losses that occur due to crime.  

The California Victim of Crime Compensation application expedites reimbursements to victims and provides emergency funding for funeral and burial costs, relocation costs to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault crimes, medical costs for injuries from the crime, mental health assistance, crime scene clean-up expenses, and other verified emergency expenses.

The Victim Witness Assistance Program was created to help reduce the trauma that victims of crime experience. The Program receives funding to serve all victims of crime regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age.

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